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    Melissa Etheridge Takes the Aw-Shucks Road to BroadwayMy Window is a night of songs and personal biography, loosely hung together.
  2. theater review
    A Vintage Satire That Still Has Sting: Purlie Victorious ReturnsOssie Davis’s plantation farce retains its wit and snap.
  3. theater review
    Slapstick and Plague, in Mary Gets HersWacky fun with medieval horrors.
  4. theater review
    Little Shop of Blah-Blah: Theresa Rebeck’s DigA redemption play that betrays its own premise.
  5. theater review
    Did a Bot Write This Review of Prometheus Firebringer? No, and Here’s Why Not.A script written and performed by AI in real time has unexpected effects on an audience.
  6. theater review
    Job Pays Off and Clocks Out“Like a good TV crime drama, it’s manipulative in a value-neutral sense: It knows the position it wants to put you in, and it puts you there.”
  7. theater review
    In Swing State, Bleak Politics in the Tall GrassRebecca Gilman’s story is hemmed in on all sides.
  8. theater review
    Rachel Bloom Sets Avoidance to Song in Death, Let Me Do My ShowA terrible March 2020, exposed but not too exposed.
  9. theater review
    The Mortal Truths of Annie Baker’s Infinite Life“This is part of Baker’s brilliance: to ruffle feathers with the calmest of breezes.”
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    Shadows and Seams, Both Visible: No Good Things Dwell in the FleshIn Christina Masciotti’s play about a Queens tailor facing her career’s end, the principal characters are everything.
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    A Tempest in the Park That’s (Mostly) No Thoughts, Just VibesIn tone and temperament, this production owes much more to Disney than it does to Shakespeare.
  12. theater review
    Improv on the Roof, Catharsis in Aisle 5What Else Is True? and Joan of Arc in a Supermarket in California leave our critic saying, “Yes, and …?”
  13. theater review
    The Shark Is Broken Goes Chumming for Your AffectionIan Shaw’s play bemoans big action movies’ death grip on the culture — while also venerating the voracious progenitor of them all.
  14. theater review
    You Made a Musical … Out of a DeLorean?Back to the Future: The Musical is a carefully faithful spectacle.
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    Pregaming With Three Postcollege Brats (Plus a Dog) at Toros“The play keeps reminding you it’s a performance, which is nice in a time when many shows feel like they just want to be adapted into film or TV.”
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    The Epic and Hyperspecific in Half-God of Rainfall and Let’s Call Her PattyThe gods shoot hoops; Rhea Perlman chops onions.
  17. theater review
    The Cottage Needs More Doors to SlamLaura Bell Bundy and Eric McCormack lead a too-tidy farce.
  18. theater review
    Notes on Teamwork: Flex and Orpheus DescendingTwo midsummer trips to the South.
  19. theater review
    Here Lies Love Is an Unsettlingly Good TimeA show that portrays Imelda Marcos as blithe naïf and corrupt co-tyrant—and also enabler of a rousing dance party.
  20. theater review
    A Hamlet in the Park That Puzzles the WillKenny Leon’s production gestures at a lot without capturing any one thing.
  21. theater review
    Dropping by the Local Nazis: Alex Edelman’s Just for UsPlus: Liz Kingsman’s One Woman Show, and the state of solo comedy meta-theater.
  22. theater review
    Once Upon a One More Time Bungles Britney on BroadwayIt’s not the way I planned it.
  23. theater review
    Physicians, Preen Thyselves: The DoctorA play about the self-serving sanctimony of the newly canceled.
  24. theater review
    Patterns of Addiction in Days of Wine and Roses and Wet BrainOne decorous, one unleashed.
  25. theater review
    Death Comes to the Reunion in The ComeuppanceHigh-school friends, pregaming with jungle juice and angst.
  26. theater review
    Knock-Knock: Grey House Brings Horror Tropes to BroadwayIf you find Laurie Metcalf in a cabin in the woods, don’t go in.
  27. theater review
    Looking for Connection in Primary Trust and The FearsIsolation is on everyone’s mind.
  28. theater review
    Monsoon Wedding Is a Lively Party But a Watery Musical“The songs tend to idle in neutral, repeating ideas already established in dialogue, never opening up into something more.”
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    Basketball and Debutante Balls in King James and The CotillionPlays about the codes of masculinity and femininity, LeBron and dance steps.
  30. theater review
    Lorraine Hansberry on Hashtag Activism: The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s WindowOscar Isaac and Rachel Brosnahan star in her play about fashionable commitment to social change.
  31. theater review
    New York, New York Barely Scratches the Surface of New York, New YorkIt doesn’t make it here.
  32. theater review
    Laura Linney and Jessica Hecht Find Depth in the Small Scale of Summer, 1976David Auburn just lets them talk, and something great happens.
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    The Playing’s the Thing: Sean Hayes Shows Range in Good Night, OscarDelivering quips, piano virtuosity, and a little too much exposition.
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    Jodie Comer Makes a Winning Case for Prima FacieThe Killing Eve star’s performance gives life to a basic script.
  35. theater review
    The Thanksgiving Play’s Satire Runs ShortGood intentions go awry — both in the script and otherwise.
  36. theater review
    Peter Pan Goes Wrong Never Grows Up (But That’s Okay)Backstage farce with a just enough mild head trauma.
  37. theater review
    Camelot Is Back, Achieving a Wisp of GloryThe sorcery is gone, and everyone talks too much, but Lerner and Loewe knew their majesty.
  38. theater review
    On Broadway, Fat Ham Keeps You at a Distance From the Cookout“Ease is the point, even though it keeps being too easy.”
  39. theater review
    White Girl in Danger Is a Bloody, Messy Take on the SoapMichael R. Jackson’s Strange Loop follow-up is a fascinating fiasco.
  40. theater review
    At Shucked, the Corniness Is as High as an Elephant’s EyeAnd this musical aspires to nothing more or less complex than that.
  41. theater review
    Life of Pi Is Best When Its Fangs Are VisibleNeeds more feral tigerishness, less cat-on-your-lap warmth.
  42. theater review
    A Sweeney Todd That Leans Into the Great Black PitSexual dynamics and soot dominate the revival.
  43. theater review
    If Only Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bad Cinderella Were WorseNeither good nor so bad it’s good.
  44. theater review
    Dancin’ Slinks Back to Town, Aching to Seduce YouA revised revival of the 1978 revue that goes all out.
  45. theater review
    Parade Marches Back In, Intent on Its Own RelevanceBen Platt and Micaela Diamond star in the revival of this musical about antisemitism in the Deep South.
  46. theater review
    The Harder They Come Tries to Fit Too Much OnstageThe overstuffed Jimmy Cliff musical barely has time for its own songs.
  47. theater review
    All in this Together: How to Defend Yourself and The Coast StarlightA classic playwrighting gambit: trap a bunch of people in one small space and brew up some trouble.
  48. theater review
    Gut-Renovating A Doll’s House With Jessica ChastainSit-down, stripped-down Ibsen.
  49. theater review
    Better Living Through Chlorophyll in The TreesIf you were a tree, you might want to be this kind.
  50. theater review
    Love Pulls You CloseAlexander Zeldin’s drama about Londoners in temporary housing comes to New York.
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