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  1. conspiracy theories
    Pynchon Probably Did Not Write a Secret NovelIt’s a fun theory, though.
  2. everybody relax
    Inherent Vice and the Modern Audience’s Ambiguity Problem“Ambiguity has become like the Postal Service: We tolerate it only when absolutely necessary.”
  3. vulture lists
    Every Thomas Pynchon Novel, Briefly RankedNow that a movie has finally been made of one.
  4. movies
    Thomas Pynchon Will Have a Cameo in the Inherent Vice MovieOf course, who’s gonna recognize him?
  5. An Imagined Monologue By the Disappointed Editor of ‘Penthouse Forum,’ by […]Mr. Carlson, I assume? Please, come in and have a seat. Mr. Carlson, although the dictates of modern propriety obligate me to thank you for […]
  6. On the Thomas Pynchon TrailBy way of Mexico, Manhattan Beach, the California woods, and a bunch of the biggest and weirdest books ever written.
  7. Martin Short Joins the Cast of Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’Living comedy legend Martin Short is set to star in his first movie in several years, and it’s a pretty prestigious one. The Wrap reports that […]
  8. exclusive
    Paul Thomas Anderson Wants to Adapt Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent VicePlus: Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Sportello?
  9. recluses
    Yep, That Was PynchonA publicist from Penguin has confirmed that the voice on the trailer for ‘Inherent Vice’ does indeed belong to Pynchon.
  10. pynchon
    Inherent Vice: The Movie?Probably not! But maybe!
  11. pynchon
    Pynchon Speaks! Maybe!Is this Thomas Pynchon himself narrating his new book trailer?
  12. pynchon
    Our Favorite Character Names From the New PynchonRudy Blatnoyd, Petunia Leeway, Scott Oof, Ensendada Slim, Jason Velveeta, Japonica Fenway, etc.