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  1. a closer look
    What Does Fear Sound Like?We talk to five horror-movie composers about designing some of the scariest scores of 2018.
  2. What’s With All the Dead Horses?Three films this spring involve dead equines, in one way or another. Vulture investigates the trend.
  3. Anya Taylor-Joy Is Ready for Her Close-UpSince breaking out in The Witch, the 21-year-old actress has quickly become one of the most recognizable faces in horror.
  4. vulture lists
    Here Are 20 Teen Vengeance Movies for Your Petty HeartThe absolute best in adolescent revenge with cheerleaders, mutants, goth girls, witches, and more.
  5. How Thoroughbreds Morphed From a Play Into a MovieFor Vulture Insiders, the writer-director and stars of Thoroughbreds discuss the venomous pleasures of shooting their film.
  6. Thoroughbreds Is Too Cold-Blooded for Its Own GoodThe monotonous, would-be edgy teen murder movie is proof that sociopaths make for pretty boring protagonists.
  7. chat room
    Director Cory Finley Makes the Case for Thoroughbreds As a Romantic ComedyDirector Cory Finley on violence against women onscreen, and why men are so afraid of female characters alone together.
  8. New Thoroughbreds Clip: Olivia Cooke Teaches Anya Taylor-Joy the Art of CryingWhat are best friends for if not teaching you how to manipulate others with manufactured emotions?