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Three Identical Strangers

  1. awards season
    The Identical Strangers on Being at the Center of a Media Frenzy — AgainBobby Shafran and David Kellman made headlines when they discovered they’d been separated at birth. This Oscar season, they’re doing it a second time.
  2. film adaptations
    Three Identical Strangers Documentary Is Getting Adapted Into a Feature FilmA fraternal twin of sorts.
  3. movie review
    Three Identical Strangers Is a Stunning and Troubling Real-Life MysteryThis documentary begins as a goofy, believe-it-or-not tabloid story and slowly drifts into darker waters — the realm of horror, then of tragedy.
  4. The Explosive Story Behind Three Identical StrangersWe talk to the director of the shocking documentary, about three brothers separated at birth — and the dark reason why they were split up.