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  1. disrespect the classics
    Bruce Springsteen’s Team Doesn’t Care How Much Your Tickets Cost“That is a fair price to see someone universally regarded as among the very greatest artists of his generation.”
  2. no rest for the tickets
    New York Is Finally Making Ticket Prices More TransparentA bill that bans hidden fees and requires resellers to show original prices has been signed into law.
  3. concerts
    Ticketmaster Has a Plan for All Those Thousands of Shows Affected by COVID-19Starting May 1, Live Nation will offer refunds for events postponed or canceled by the coronavirus pandemic.
  4. scammers
    Ticketmaster Must Pay Canada a $3.4 Million Fine, a Victory We Can All CelebrateThe company had been charging people excessive fees.
  5. lawsuits
    Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Ticketmaster of Being in Cahoots With ScalpersThe suit claims the company is just fine with the mass purchasing of tickets, alleging that they profit from their resale.
  6. last night on late night
    Colbert Goes Hard on Free Ticketmaster TicketsAbsurd Phillip Moskowitz is your favorite band, but still, it’s the principle of the thing.
  7. vulture guides
    The Least-Lame Ways to Use Your Free Ticketmaster VouchersCover bands galore.
  8. free tickets maybe
    You Might Have Free Tickets From TicketmasterThe company settled a class action suit, which will affect around 50 million people.
  9. concerts
    Ten Million People Tried to Get Adele TicketsAgain, 10 million. 10,000,000.
  10. Ticketmaster Is Totally Cool with What Louis Is Doing and They Should BeEarlier we reported that Louis C.K. has already sold over 100,000 tickets and made over $4.5 million, so you’d think that Ticketmaster would be […]
  11. sheeniac
    Charlie Sheen’s Live Tour Sells Out at Radio CityWinning!
  12. sheeniac
    Charlie Sheen’s Live Show Sold OutHe’s adding more dates to the tour.
  13. free market
    AEG Will Challenge Ticketmaster’s EmpireGood news for people who hate ticket fees.
  14. money
    Concert-Ticket Sales Slumped This Year, So Prices Will Be Cheaper in 2011Just ask Demi Lovato.
  15. money
    Barry Diller Out at Live NationLive Nation CEO Irving Azoff may replace him.
  16. ticketmaster
    Ticketmaster Started a Blog to Explain Why They’re Not Ripping You OffAre you convinced?
  17. the future
    Apple to Fix Ticketing Business?Apple recently filed a patent for a Ticketmaster-killer.
  18. jurisprudence
    Bruce Springsteen Fans Topple The FTCVictory!
  19. mergers
    The Ticketmaster–Live Nation Merger Is OnOh boy.
  20. boring stuff
    Lawmakers Aren’t So Crazy About the Proposed Merger of Ticketmaster and Live NationBasically, Vulture is in favor of anything that would lower service fees at concerts.
  21. it’s not what you know it’s who you know
    Bruce Springsteen Comes Under Fire in Jersey Ticket FracasHe’s being accused of giving all the best seats at his concerts to his friends.
  22. a rose by any other name
    Ticket Scalping Gets Fancy New Ticketmaster-Approved Name: Dynamic PricingAnd in a barely related story, Jay Leno is not happy that tickets to his free show in Detroit have landed on eBay.
  23. monopolies
    Justice Department Not Yet Sure If Ticketmaster–Live Nation Merger Would Create MonopolyResponding to outrage from everyone in the world, the Justice Department is investigating the proposed merger between the two universally hated companies.
  24. beef
    ‘Furious’ Bruce Springsteen Calls Foul on Proposed Merger Between Ticketmaster and Live NationWe’ve always thought there was an unspoken connection between the Boss and Pearl Jam.
  25. Ticketmaster and Live Nation to Merge?Because the world’s largest ticket seller and the world’s largest event promoter clearly don’t have enough of a monopolistic stranglehold on their respective industries.