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Tim Kring

  1. these reboots were made for walking
    Heroes Will Be Rebooted As a MiniseriesCalled Heroes Reborn.
  2. pilot season
    Heroes Creator Tim Kring Producing Superdrug Show for the CWIt’s like Limitless but with teens.
  3. tv
    Mid-Season First Look: Does Kiefer Sutherland Still Have the Touch?It’s his return to TV.
  4. the take
    Tim Kring–Dale Peck Novel Not the Weirdest Literary Collaboration of All TimeThis in: Brooks & Dunn are writing a book with crime novelist Bill Fitzhugh.
  5. news reel
    Wait, WHO Just Sold a ‘Sci-Fi Trilogy’ for $3 Million?Yes, that Dale Peck. Well, and Tim Kring from ‘Heroes.’
  6. the take
    ‘Heroes’ Creator Tim Kring Apologizes for ‘Heroes’Even Heroes creator Tim Kring knows how bad his show has been this season, — he admitted as much to Entertainment Weekly yesterday.
  7. last night’s gig
    Caped Fanboy Battles Surprise Villain at Superheroes PanelThe New Yorker fest’s superheroes panel recalled the crossover spectaculars from comic books.
  8. the early-evening news
    Led Zep Not Ded Yet?Plus Klaxons, Kevin Costner, and the New Yorker Festival.