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  1. Kitty Pryde X-Men Movie in Development From Brian Michael Bendis and Tim MillerThe comics scribe and the Deadpool director are teaming up.
  2. terminator franchise
    James Cameron Is Overseeing a Resurrection of the Terminator FranchiseSkynet cannot be defeated.
  3. auteur theory
    Ex–Deadpool 2 Director Tim Miller Discusses Why He Left the Film“Don’t believe what you read on the Internet.”
  4. the industry
    Deadpool 2 Just Took Another Troubling Creative HitThings are getting weird in the brain trust for Deadpool 2.
  5. new gigs
    Deadpool Director Switches to Sonic the HedgehogAfter leaving the Deadpool sequel, Miller’s got a new gig.
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    Deadpool 2 Is Happening, BabyTim Miller’s directing again.
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    Leaked Test Footage for Deadpool Movie Is So Very GoodRyan Reynolds really was made for the part.