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Tim Rice

  1. emmys
    Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and John Legend EGOT at 2018 Creative Arts EmmysTheir giant, golden, diamond-encrusted EGOT necklaces are being forged as we speak, presumably.
  2. covers
    You Must Love Lana Del Rey’s Cover of Madonna’s ‘You Must Love Me’ From EvitaIt’s the role Lana was born to play.
  3. 90s nostalgia
    The Lion King at 20: Tim Rice on 5 Iconic SongsRaise your hand if you learned the phrase quid pro quo from The Lion King.
  4. Theater Review: Disney’s Same Old World, Back in AladdinThis time with more Costanza.
  5. theater review
    Theater Review: Throwing Up My Hands at Evita Should you keep your distance?
  6. beefs
    Jesus Christ Superstar TV Show Displeases Tim RiceHe’s begging Andrew Lloyd Webber not to go forward with it.
  7. the industry
    Shekhar Kapur to Direct Anthony Minghella’s New York MovieThe morning’s news from the trades, including Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush and Tim Rice as the lyricist for Phantom, Part Two.
  8. the industry
    Mike Myers, Only Remaining Actor Never Attached to ‘Walter Mitty,’ Attached to ‘Walter Mitty’