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Time Loops

  1. video games
    An Influx of Time-Loop Video Games Highlight Gaming’s Inescapable Meta LoopWhat do Deathloop, Twelve Minutes, and Outer Wilds have to say about a medium reliant on win-fail states?
  2. quantum physics
    Cristin Milioti Explains the Time-Loop Science Behind Palm SpringsTurns out her character, Sarah, had a three-page speech on quantum physics that was cut from the final film.
  3. encounters
    Cristin Milioti, ForeverIn Palm Springs, she plays a furious depressive stuck in a time loop. It’s the rom-com role she was meant to play.
  4. close reads
    From Groundhog Day to Russian Doll, the Inescapable Power of the Time LoopPop culture is no stranger to stories in which people keep reliving the same event. But Russian Doll digs into deeper territory.