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  1. movie review
    Bones and All Is Curiously BloodlessEven though, as a cannibal road-movie romance, it technically has a lot of blood in it.
  2. coming soon
    What (or Who) Is Bones and All Cooking Up?Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet slay in the gory cannibal romance.
  3. 2une
    Everything We Know About How Dune 2 Is Doin’“Dune DUne DUNE dUNE dun3” is getting a Part Two TWo TWO tWO tw2.
  4. oscars thirst watch
    Make The Oscars The Regina Hall Dating Show“Take your mask off if you have one. And your clothes.”
  5. oscars 2022
    No One Told Kristen Stewart That the Oscars Aren’t Airing the Shorts CategoriesCategory is: magicians on holiday.
  6. renegades
    Behold, the TikTokification of the Cannes Film FestivalTikTok short films get their own “global competition.”
  7. dyune
    A Brief Ode to Sand, a Powerful Cinematic SupervillainForget the lusty sea, it’s time to recognize sand, and then run away from her, screaming.
  8. movie review
    The French Dispatch Is the Most Wes Anderson Movie Wes Anderson Has Ever MadeThe ensemble anthology is airless, overly whimsical, and utterly delightful — sorry!
  9. movie review
    Dune Doesn’t Care If You Like ItDenis Villeneuve’s gloriously unfriendly take on Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic wants to feel as alien as possible.
  10. dunes
    What Do You Need to Know About Dune Before You Watch Dune?It’s about dunes.
  11. protect oscar isaac’s beard
    Oscar Isaac Serenades Lullabies to Jimmy FallonGod, I wish that were me.
  12. twonka
    Wonka First Look: Timothée Chalamet Posts Gonzo CosplayYou just can’t compete with the fits of Gonzo the Great.
  13. cannes film festival
    Twitter Is Having a Ball With This Photo From CannesWho didn’t get the memo?
  14. cannes 2021
    There’s Darkness at the Edge of Wes Anderson’s Technicolor French DispatchHollywood’s least-contemporary filmmaker has made a movie all about prison, protests, and police.
  15. mmmmmm
    Dune and Oscar Isaac’s Hot Beard Will Premiere at Venice Film FestivalImportant film (and hair) news.
  16. why?
    Hollywood Loses Its Goddamned Mind, Casts Timothée Chalamet As Willy WonkaWe’re being punished just like Mike Teavee.
  17. snl
    This SNL Rap Features Chris Redd and 3 Other GuysThe other guys happen to be Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson, and Timothée Chalamet.
  18. vulture sports
    Timothée Chalamet and Pete Davidson Are Just Two Angry Jets Fans in ‘Sportsmax’Those fries look good.
  19. snl
    The Legendary Dionne Warwick Finally Gets Her Own Twitter Talk Show on SNLAnd the legendary singer herself approves.
  20. last night on late night
    SNL Hopes You Don’t Take Those Christmas Lexus Ads SeriouslyA boon for the giant bow industry, a disaster for your family’s finances.
  21. last night on late night
    Timmy Chalamet Is the Personification of COVID in SNL’s ‘Rona Family Christmas’Of course his family is still getting together for the holidays.
  22. yeet
    Questlove Stage-Slapped Timmy Chalamet and Pete Davidson on SNLLil Timmy Tim has met his match.
  23. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Timothée Chalamet Finds His WayChalamet is ready to indulge his goofy side in an episode that backs off on the celebrity guests in favor of highlighting the main cast.
  24. extra tiny
    Timothée Chalamet Is a Big Boy Who Loves His Tiny HorseHe’s extra tiny today.
  25. snl
    Timothée Chalamet Waxes Poetic About Christmas in New York in SNL MonologueFun fact: His mom was once an extra on the show!
  26. last night on late night
    Chloe Fineman’s Best Impression Is Actually a Bird Call*SQUAAAWWWRKKK!*
  27. trailer mix
    The French Dispatch Trailer: Wes Anderson Puts Your Favorite Actors in BeretsTimothée Chalamet is in a bathtub.
  28. oscar endings
    The Inception Ending of Little Women, ExplainedDoes Jo March get married in Greta Gerwig’s movie, and does it matter?
  29. party report
    Timothée Chalamet and His Goatee Showed Up to Stan Uncut Gems Last Night“These are movies people my age can watch and not get bored as fuck watching.”
  30. casting
    Timothée Chalamet Will Be Going Electric As Bob Dylan in New MovieFrom director James Mangold.
  31. little women
    A Chaotic Afternoon in Little Women LandA desperate attempt to gather gossip in Louisa May Alcott’s hometown, and, incidentally, a lot of random information about Chris Evans.
  32. fashion du jour
    Timothée Chalamet’s Little Women Outfits Are Anachronistic, Just for His FansWith very special inspiration from Bob Dylan.
  33. last night on late night
    Timothée Chalamet Would Play a Tree for Greta Gerwig“Like Scarlett Johansson!”
  34. last night on late night
    Timothée Chalamet Reflects On That ‘Surreal’ Dinner With Kanye and Pete DavidsonMuch of which he spent panicking and texting his friends in the bathroom.
  35. movie review
    There Is No Resisting Little WomenGreta Gerwig’s take on the Louisa May Alcott classic is a fresh, affectionate reimagining that’s impossible not to love.
  36. casting
    Timothée Chalamet Is Taking His Talents to the StageHe’s set to star in an Amy Herzog play.
  37. roll clip!
    New Little Women Clip: Florence Pugh Gives Timothée Chalamet an Economics LessonPoetry is great, Laurie, but so is financial autonomy.
  38. roll clip!
    Saoirse Ronan, Timothee Chalamet Grind in This Little Women Clip. Just Kidding!A clip to calm the masses until December 25.
  39. lil timmy tim
    Timothée Chalamet Lives His Dream, Crashes Kid Cudi ConcertHe performed the intro to Man on the Moon.
  40. vulture lists
    A Guide to the Best Haircuts in Netflix’s The KingFrom Robert Pattinson’s sun-kissed beach waves to Timothée Chalamet’s blunt bowl cut.
  41. follicles
    Timothée Chalamet: How He Learned to Stop Worrying and Love His King Haircut“Sometimes it seemed his hair was more important than himself. I don’t know if he wanted to cry or kill me in the beginning.”
  42. the file
    The Rise of Timothée Chalamet, Hollywood’s New KingHe might be just 23, but he’s already an Oscar-nominated leading man, a social-media phenomenon, and, perhaps most surprisingly, a fashion icon.
  43. odes
    Robert Pattinson’s King Performance Is Hilariously UnhingedAn ode to a most profane bit of fun.
  44. movie review
    In The King, Timothée Chalamet’s Emo Angst Is UnderwhelmingDavid Michôd’s Netflix movie is a dull morality play — with one exception: a Plantagenet Jack Reacher moment.
  45. getting deep
    Timothée Chalamet’s Inner East Village Philosophy Major Jumps Out on BBC Radio 1“Are we leading the ship or is the ship leading us?”
  46. call me by your smooch
    How Many Marshmallows Could I Fit in Timothée Chalamet’s Mouth?A recent meme raises some questions.
  47. venice film festival
    The King Director Cast Robert Pattinson and His Wig for ‘Razzle-Dazzle’At a press conference in Venice, David Michôd teased his new Netflix movie.
  48. a rainy day in new york
    I, for One, Will Not Be Calling Timothée Chalamet by His New Name, Gatsby WellesTimothée Chalamet doesn’t deserve his Rainy Day in New York character name, and neither do I!
  49. the industry
    Woody Allen’s Italian Distributor Pities American AudiencesA Rainy Day in New York is unlikely to arrive in U.S. theaters, but Europe is embracing the film nonetheless.
  50. trailer mix
    The King Trailer: Robert Pattinson’s French Accent Shall Lull Us to Sleep“Surrender to me!”
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