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  1. humor writing
    Reclusive Former Simpsons Writer John Swartzwelder Emerges With Writing Advice“It’s like a crappy little elf has snuck into my office and badly done all my work for me, and then left with a tip of his crappy hat.”
  2. #gulmantip
    Gary Gulman’s Comedy Tips: The Complete Collection366 bits of wisdom, advice, and encouragement from the stand-up veteran.
  3. humor writing
    Don’t Be a Jerk to Your Online Humor EditorThe editor of McSweeney’s shares some helpful tips about rejection.
  4. wishes
    5 Tips for Netflix’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy RebootCall it Gay Eye for the Straight Guy.
  5. ‘Peep Show’ Co-Creator Sam Bain Has Screenwriting Tips for YouSam Bain, co-creator of the UK series Peep Show and co-writer on the movie Four Lions, wrote a list of 10 screenwriting tips for The Guardian […]
  6. clickables
    Learn a New Travel-Friendly Way to Drink a Bottle of WineThank you, Starbucks Trenta!