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  1. star wars episode ix
    But What Does the Title Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Mean?Some guesses about Episode IX’s mysterious name.
  2. bond 25
    The Next James Bond Film Gets a Really Familiar Working TitleWhat the hell is a Shatterhand?
  3. titles
    Anna Kendrick’s Book of Comedic Essays Has a Two-Thirds Fitting TitleIt’s out later this year.
  4. close reads
    What True Detective’s Credits Foreshadow About Season TwoParticularly as compared to season one’s titles.
  5. titles
    Batman v. Superman Movie Now Has a Subtitle: Dawn of JusticeWe’re assuming Superman brings the dawn and Batman brings the justice.
  6. titles
    Lily Allen’s New Album Is Called SheezusAs in she-Yeezus.
  7. David Sedaris’s List of His Favorite Book Titles Is LovelyTo commemorate the release of his new book Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls, David Sedaris made a list of his five favorite absurdly-long book […]
  8. titles
    Pixar Officially Gives Its Inside-the-Mind Movie a Title and Release DateInside Out.
  9. modest proposals
    ‘Deez Nups’: Psych Has the Best Episode TitlesMore shows should have more fun with their episode titles!
  10. clickables
    See Kubrick’s Diary Brainstorm of Possible Dr. Stranglove Titles“Dr. Strangelove’s Secret Uses of Uranus,” “Dr. Doomsday and His Nuclear Wiseman,” and more!
  11. The Next Woody Allen Film Now Has a TitleAnd it features two colors.
  12. titles
    The Star Trek Sequel Gets a TitleIt’s rather dark …
  13. titles
    Pedro Almodóvar’s Next Movie: I’m So ExcitedThat’s the title.
  14. titles
    Tom Cruise’s One Shot RetitledIt’s now just Jack Reacher.
  15. name games
    Fiona Apple’s New Album Title Is As Long and Involved As You’d HopeNever change, Fiona.
  16. the industry
    Long Movie Titles: What’s Up With That?The ‘Times’ tries to find out.