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  1. Todd Levin Will Convince You That Pigs Are Too Cute to EatThis essay on vegetarianism from Conan writer Todd Levin includes a photograph of a pig and a description of how she is content to “happily […]
  2. Conan Writer Todd Levin On Status And Parking In LAThis essay by Conan writer Todd Levin about the status obsession in LA is a fun, if slightly depressing, read. Here’s what he has to say about […]
  3. Conan Writer Todd Levin on Why Some Jokes Just BombConan writer Todd Levin’s “Just Like That But Funny” essay for Good magazine explains point-by-point what can and will go wrong when you’re […]
  4. Conan, Bad Sex Advice and Johnny Drama: The Todd Levin InterviewTodd Levin has had a busy year. He was hired to write for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien only to have it be unceremoniously yanked from […]
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    Vincent Kartheiser Finally Breaks Down and Buys a ToiletPlus: Bob Dylan’s son says some stuff.