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  1. chapters
    ‘The Last Samurai’ Director Ed Zwick on Tom Cruise’s ‘Intimidating’ EnergyThe Last Samurai director Ed Zwick on the “joyous, challenging, and exhausting” experience of working with Tom Cruise.
  2. coming soon?
    Top Gun 3 Might Be Starting to Pre-BoardA third film is reportedly in “early development.”
  3. back to the movies
    Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Dives Back Into the Box OfficeJumping in headfirst before the Barbenheimer takeover.
  4. imf
    How to Survive Mission: Impossible 7 in a Movie TheaterFive screens and 14 mostly wonderful hours later, I’ll tell you the best way to see Dead Reckoning.
  5. endings
    The Ending of Dead Reckoning Takes Mission: Impossible Back to the StartDead Reckoning glances backwards to the 1996 movie that started it all, which also happened to end with a blast of locomotive action.
  6. vulture quiz
    Which Movie Am I Talking About, the New Mission: Impossible or Fast X?Cliffhanger endings. Chase scenes on the Spanish Steps. Tech thingies everyone’s fighting over. Are these the same movie? Take our quiz to find out!
  7. there can be only one
    The Mission: Impossible Movies Are Like Highlander for BrunettesAs soon as one dark-haired female sidekick enters the franchise, another one leaves.
  8. trailer mix
    The World’s Coming After Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7The mission? Impossible. The reckoning? Dead. The part? One.
  9. review roundup
    There’s a Method to Tom Cruise’s Madness, ApparentlyThe M:I formula still hits, according to critics.
  10. movie review
    A Familiar Magic Trick Executed to PerfectionTom Cruise does what he does in Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One. He is very good at what he does.
  11. why not both?
    Tom Cruise Is a Barbie-Oppenheimer Double-Feature Evangelist“It doesn’t get more explosive (or more pink).”
  12. mission impossible
    Shakira Is ‘Begging’ Tom Cruise to Stop Hitting on HerHe’s attempting his most dangerous stunt yet: escaping the friendzone.
  13. summer preview 2023
    The Movie Stars Who Have the Most at Stake This SummerThe season is packed with big movies — the kinds that could mean huge things for certain stars, if all goes well.
  14. it’s a bird it’s a plane
    Tom Cruise Says King Charles Can Be His Wingman at Coronation ConcertCruise cameoed in a tribute to Charles III’s tough-guy hobbies.
  15. the crown
    Tom Cruise and a Bear Added to King’s Coronation Guest ListAnd maybe Nicki Lewinsky.
  16. the last last late late show
    James Corden Says a Musical Good-bye to The Late Late ShowThe show’s final episode featured a late-night-host reunion, Tom Cruise, Harry Styles, Will Ferrell, and a lot of singing.
  17. oscars 2023
    Lady Gaga Holds the Oscars’ HandBut she didn’t perform ARTPOP.
  18. stunt awards
    Joseph Kosinski Doesn’t Think Top Gun: Maverick Is an Action MovieThe film won Best Action Movie at Vulture’s inaugural Stunt Awards anyway.
  19. from pilot to producer
    Tom Cruise Thanks Hollywood Enabling His ‘Adventurous Life’During his acceptance speech at the 34th Annual Producers Guild Awards.
  20. everybody loves puppets!
    Tom Cruise Crashed The Lion King to Play PumbaaOf course James Corden is involved in this somehow.
  21. cruise control
    Judd Apatow Turned the DGA Awards into a Tom Cruise RoastComing for everything from his ties to Scientology to his height.
  22. awards szn
    Tom Cruise Was a Major Flirt at the 2023 Oscar Nominees LuncheonAll the tea from the record-breaking first luncheon since 2020.
  23. golden globes 2023
    Tom Cruise and Shelly Miscavige Both Missed the Golden GlobesBut Jerrod Carmichael has an idea to find one of the Scientology members.
  24. the need for rewatches
    Top Gun: Maverick Finally Lands on Paramount+ and EPIX“Gonna take it riiiiiiiiiiiiiight into the …” living room TV.
  25. brendanaissance
    Brendan Fraser Would Be Your Mummy Again If You Asked Real NiceRick O’Connell hive rise up.
  26. vulture investigates
    What’s the Deal With That Bar Rule in Top Gun: Maverick? An Investigation.Maverick buys the entire bar a round … because he put his phone on the counter … which is against the rules … which are listed on a tiny sign.
  27. to to to to the moon
    Tom Cruise to ‘Yes, And’ Himself Off the Face of the EarthHe plans to film an action movie on the ISS (International Stunt Station).
  28. season of excess
    I Already Miss the Maximalist MovieThe movies are about to settle down, straighten out, and prepare for the seriousness of fall. But do they have to?
  29. boffo box office
    Top Gun: Maverick Beats Black Panther’s Box Office RecordIt’s now the 5th-highest grossing movie ever in North America.
  30. maverick wake up
    Top Gun: Maverick Isn’t Not a Death Dream, Director Joseph Kosinski Says“There’s a mythic kind of element to the story that I think lends itself to that sort of interpretation.”
  31. the need for rewatches
    Top Gun: Maverick Finally Lands on DigitalBut you’ll have to wait a bit for a physical release.
  32. theater kids
    Tom Cruise Wants to Star in a Movie MusicalOne of three films he’s reportedly developing, including a Tropic Thunder callback.
  33. box-office beatdown
    Top Gun: Maverick Sinks Titanic at the Box OfficeNext goal: a reference in the spoken-word section of a Britney Spears song.
  34. box office
    Top Gun: Maverick Has One More Record to BreakIt’s coming for the big boat movie.
  35. oatmeal bath
    To Film Top Gun, Miles Teller Had Jet Fuel in His Blood … LiterallyOh, you think all the microplastics in your body are bad? That’s cute.
  36. exit interview
    Joseph Kosinski’s Vast, Lonely WorldsThe Oblivion and Tron: Legacy director knew just how to pitch a Top Gun sequel to Tom Cruise: “Maverick is still Maverick,” he said. “But he’s alone.”
  37. at the box office
    Record Opening Turns Top Gun: Maverick into 2022’s First Instant Blockbuster“Audiences have been starved for a big movie to root for and to go see that isn’t a Marvel or DC movie.”
  38. on the record
    Tom Cruise Created a Flight-Training Program for Top Gun: MaverickHere’s what his co-stars have said about “the Tom Cruise School of Being a Badass.”
  39. cruise control
    All the Tom Cruise Movies Top Gun: Maverick Basically Rolls into OneWhy see one Tom Cruise movie when you can see a Tom Cruise movie that is basically all the Tom Cruise movies?
  40. hear me out
    Theory: Top Gun: Maverick Is Mostly a Death DreamLook, the only way to really make sense of Tom Cruise’s latest is as an Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge sitch.
  41. vulture recommends
    Jack Reacher Was the Beginning of a Beautiful Blockbuster FriendshipTom Cruise broke Christopher McQuarrie out of “director jail” and found a kindred creative spirit.
  42. rev up your engine
    How Top Gun’s Famous Volleyball Scene Led Kenny Loggins to the ‘Danger Zone’The story behind the film’s hard-charging anthem, as told by the king of ’80s soundtracks.
  43. rendezcruise
    Tom Cruise Is Being Boring at CannesThe once-infamous agent of chaos has overcorrected his press strategy as he promotes Top Gun: Maverick at the French festival.
  44. close read
    Tom Cruise’s Last StandThirty-six years after the original, Top Gun: Maverick eulogizes the actor’s entire career, and an America that may not exist anymore.
  45. land vs sea
    Tom Cruise Wanted 20 Fewer Pilots for Top Gun SoundtrackCruise might’ve wanted someone with Volantis experience.
  46. vulture lists
    23 Unsettlingly Nice Tom Cruise StoriesDid you know he sends Dakota Fanning a birthday present every year?
  47. cinemacon
    Top Gun: Maverick Is Making Grown Men Cry at CinemaConMany in the audience at CinemaCon found themselves surprisingly emotional at the continuing adventures of moviedom’s most iconic aviator.
  48. trailer mix
    Top Gun: Maverick Trailer: Tom Cruise Never Says Die!Finally out May 27.
  49. a long talk
    Tom Skerritt Has a Story to TellOn Orson Welles, his own regrets, and what makes a heart keep beating.
  50. shakeups
    You’ll Have to Wait Till 2022 to See Tom Cruise on the Big Screen AgainParamount has delayed Top Gun: Maverick to Memorial Day weekend 2022 and Mission Impossible 7 to next September.
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