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  1. reunions
    Uh Oh, Now You’re Crying at Drew Barrymore’s Reunion With Tom GreenIn the end, after all this time, it really was the Chad.
  2. Tom Green Looks Back on His Time as a ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ on ‘This Is […]Here’s a clip from week’s episode of This Is Not Happening, titled “Famous,” where Tom Green looks back on his time as a contestant alongside […]
  3. Dave Foley Gets Into the Holiday Special SpiritHoliday specials, for the most part, are a family affair. In general, they are (at best) sweet adventures or (at worst) cloying cash-grabs. […]
  4. chat room
    Tom Green Has a Good Freddy Got Fingered Conspiracy TheoryTom Green on working with President Trump and why Freddy Got Fingered was more successful than people think.
  5. comics talk to comics
    Tom Green and Harland Williams Talk Comedy“When I am onstage … that adrenaline and endorphin rush is like a drug. It’s like sex. It’s like jumping out of an airplane.” 
  6. Tom Green Looks Back on His KFC Museum Visit in This ‘Coming to the Stage’ […]Comedy Dynamics is back with a new season of its standup show Coming to the Stage next month with host Tom Green, and they gave us a sneak peek […]
  7. How Tom Green Uses the Internet to Find His AudienceLike the entire crew of Jackass shoved into a suit and a late-night show format, Tom Green has zero problem taking people into weird, […]
  8. eat it
    Weird Al Tears Up When He Learns He’s No. 1Sniffle.
  9. Learn How to Do a Perfect Johnny Carson Impersonation with Dana CarveySNL alum Dana Carvey was recently a guest on Tom Green Live, and he took a few minutes to walk Green through how he does his flawless Johnny […]
  10. Tom Green on ‘Freddy Got Fingered’: ‘We’re Gonna Make Our Fucking Movie […]“That’s not the way Hollywood works. They buy things and then they change it. The corporations and executives take young talent that’s […]
  11. chat room
    Tom Green on His AXS TV Talk ShowTom Green Live!, which airs its second season finale tonight, just got renewed for a third season.
  12. Tom Green Is Hosting a New Live Talk Show for AXS TVComedian Tom Green is coming back to television. Cable channel AXS TV announced this morning that Green will be hosting a new weekly talk show, […]
  13. Finding the Humor in CancerWelcome to our new series Tragedy Plus Time. Each segment will focus on a particular ‘life crisis’ — sometimes globally tragic, sometimes more […]
  14. Talking to Tom Green About His Absurdist Legacy, ‘Freddy Got Fingered’, […]For most of his career, Tom Green’s product could be summed up in one word: asinine. He was selling pure obnoxiousness, and satisfying that […]
  15. Reconsidering Freddy Got FingeredIn 2001, a critically loathed, sparsely attended movie born out of a hit, hip cable show became synonymous with bad movies, failure, and struck […]
  16. movies
    Watch Tom Green’s Juggalo Documentary“There’s been a stabbing.” Lots of good, old-fashioned fun.