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Tom King

  1. Comics Star Tom King Developing Dystopian TV SeriesHe’s a former CIA officer turned Batman writer.
  2. the panelist
    This Comics Page Is a Master Class on Empathy and StructureIt teaches us about layouts and trauma, all at once.
  3. summer selections 2017
    17 Comics to Read at the Beach, As Chosen by CreatorsHandpicked by Tom King, Shannon Watters, and Veronica Fish
  4. the panelist
    This Batman Page Brilliantly Dissects How We Perceive Time in ComicsIt uses a simple grid, some punches, and some numbers to challenge how we think about speed and rhythm in comics.
  5. sequential art
    The Best Retelling of the Iraq War Story Is a Comic Book“I didn’t want to write a book where a white dude goes to a land of brown people and becomes a better person after some epiphany. That story’s been told, and it’s simplistic and stupid.”