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Tom O’neil

  1. kudos
    Vulture’s Oscar Predictions: What Did We Get Wrong?L.A. ‘Times’ awardsologist Tom O’Neil, who confesses “I haven’t seen 95% of these films either,” weighs in on Vulture’s picks.
  2. good deeds
    L.A. Times Columnist Returns Bette Midler’s Stolen Emmy!Now that’s what we call journalism!
  3. kudos
    Tom O’Neil Works His Magic Once AgainHe has an uncanny ability to work an awards angle into any story that comes across his desk.
  4. departures
    How Departures Screwed Up Your Perfect BallotCrazed Oscar-blogger Tom O’Neil called it!
  5. apropos of nothing
    Questions You Never Even Thought to AskTom O’Neil has done it again!
  6. beef
    Awards Blogs Cracking Under the Pressure of Crappy Movie SeasonLoopy from the heat and desperate for things to write about, there’s no telling what bloggers will do in the month of August.
  7. the early-evening news
    No Girls Allowed in Michael Jackson’s Recording StudioPlus: Will Mariah Carey win an Oscar? Hahahahaha. Sorry.