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Too Hot To Handle

  1. reality check
    A Complete Guide to Who’s Still Together From Netflix’s Dating ShowsBecause the Netflix Cinematic Universe keeps growing.
  2. dream casting
    Who Should Appear in Perfect Match Season Two?We have some (very good) suggestions.
  3. coming soon
    Too Hot to Handle Faked Out Ten New Singles With Mario Lopez’s HelpBut don’t worry, Desiree and Lana are still torturing them in the new trailer.
  4. the streaming wars
    Which One of These Never-ending Netflix Dating Shows Is Your Right Match?The streamer announced plans to renew and spin off its shows to no end.
  5. cast reveal
    Behold the Glistening Baddies of Too Hot to Handle Season 3Netflix’s trashiest show is back and hornier than ever.
  6. reality tv
    Netflix Goes Full Disney Channel Games, Makes Its Reality Stars BattleWhat is this, a crossover episode?
  7. trailer mix
    The Circle Season Two Trailer Is Literally Too Hot to HandleNetflix’s synergy is on fire.
  8. horny tv
    Too Hot to Handle Secretly Filmed Two More SeasonsTime to abstain.
  9. close reads
    What’s With the Fake A.I. on Netflix Reality Shows?It’s a new age of reality-TV producer meddling.
  10. vulture quizzes
    Is This Torso From Love Island or Too Hot to Handle?Put your knowledge of reality shows about hot people on a beach to the ultimate test.
  11. reality tv
    Too Hot to Handle’s Narrator Knows This Is a Ridiculous Show“I’m like, Seriously you guys, there is a bunch of cash. Just don’t touch! Read a book, take a swim. What the hell?”
  12. tv review
    Too Hot to Handle Is Your New Trashy Netflix Reality ObsessionIt’s a social experiment run by a talking metal cone, but it’s also a fishbowl full of hot people being controlled by bored producers.
  13. trailer mix
    Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle Will Fill the Love Is Blind–Size Hole in Your Life“Is blue balls a real thing?”