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  1. grammys 2017
    2016 Was a Good Year for Adele, Beyoncé, and Few Other Women in MusicIn an age of pop-music queens, women created just a small fraction of last year’s popular music.
  2. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes on the Hits of July 1983“And here’s Diana Ross wearing a glittering fuchsia catsuit in her 1983 Central Park concert.”
  3. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes on Casey Kasem’s Final Top 40Casey Kasem was never cool, and that’s why Casey Kasem was the coolest guy in the history of radio.
  4. somewhere in time
    Let’s Revisit Ace of Base, Warren G, and Other Summer Songs From 1994What was playing on your car stereo as you drove to see The Lion King and in the famous white Ford Bronco carrying O.J. Simpson?
  5. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Revisits ‘U Can’t Touch This,’ ‘Poison,’ and Other 1990 JamsWhat songs were popular 24 years ago, when Mariah Carey dropped?
  6. somewhere in time
    Revisiting the Songs of Summer 1986The music of July 1986 is the ultimate Mean Girls playlist.
  7. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Travels Back to 2005 and Charts a Legendary Top 40To cap off any lingering HIMYM nostalgia.
  8. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Revisits the Top 40 Songs From Super Bowl Sunday 2004Dave Holmes travels back to early 2004 to remind us what everyone was listening to (when not talking about Janet Jackson’s boob).