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Top Gun 2

  1. trailer mix
    Top Gun: Maverick Trailer: Tom Cruise Never Says Die!Finally out May 27.
  2. casting
    Manny Jacinto and Manny Jacinto’s Jawline Join Top Gun SequelThis movie’s got a need, a need for that face.
  3. movies
    Jon Hamm and Ed Harris Are in Top Gun: Maverick Now, TooMore handsome white men.
  4. castings
    Miles Teller Edges Out Other Swaggering 20-Somethings For Top Gun RoleTeller is the son of Goose!
  5. movies
    One of These Tall, White Bros Will Star Alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2May the neediest, speediest man win!
  6. top gun 2
    Top Gun Sequel Will Be Released in July 2019Tom Cruise plans to film Top Gun 2 “in the next year.”
  7. the industry
    This Top Gun 2 Thing Is Getting Serious“It’s closer now to becoming real than it’s been in 30 years,” reports Deadline.
  8. overdue sequels
    Top Gun 2 Is Being Written, Will Likely Include Tom Cruise As Its StarMaverick could play Maverick decades in the future (i.e., the present!).
  9. overdue sequels
    Jerry Bruckheimer’s Top Gun 2 Involves DronesBut won’t the volleyball sand mess up their hard drives?
  10. sequels
    Jerry Bruckheimer Talks Top Gun 2, Lone Ranger SequelsSounds like Johnny Depp’s got a new franchise on his hands.
  11. flight delays
    Top Gun 2 Has Fallen ApartThey feel the need. The need to respect Tony Scott.
  12. top gun 2
    Top Gun 2 Hires The Town ScreenwriterHopefully Tom Cruise and Tony Scott are still in the mix.
  13. exclusive
    Top Gun 2 Update: Tom Cruise Would Play Lead Role“There is no Top Gun 2 in which Maverick is not the starring role.”
  14. exclusive
    Top Gun 2 Is Heading to the RunwayOffers are out to Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott, and Tom Cruise would play a smaller role