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Tough Crowd

  1. How Colin Quinn Became Comedy’s Coolest History Teacher When considering Colin Quinn’s place in history, he can’t help but seem – at least at first glance – like something of a tragic figure. […]
  2. oral history
    The Oral History of ‘Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn’Revisiting one of the purest forms of comedy on television, and a show that captured the brutal beauty of comics off-stage.
  3. Talking to Colin Quinn About His New One-Man Show, ‘Tough Crowd’, and […]There have been many chapters in Colin Quinn’s career since he first appeared on MTV’s Remote Control in 1987. The former SNL castmember went […]
  4. Reggie Watts Feels the Wrath of a Contemporary Light Jazz/Funk Fans I’m not sure if this story says more about the surprising intensity of Soulive fans or how no matter the setting, if you are in Philadephia, […]