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Tour Riders

  1. respect the classics
    Tonight, We Eat Brown M&M’s in Eddie Van Halen’s MemoryAn amusing story about rock’s most amusing tour rider.
  2. life on the road
    Future Wants Powdered Doughnuts at His ShowsThe food of the Future.
  3. tour riders
    Leaked Tour Rider Reveals Scandalous Fact That Jay Z Is a Good DadAnd Kanye loves cylindrical vases.
  4. tour riders
    We Could All Learn From Grimes’s Tour RiderNo Styrofoam, one cute dog.
  5. clickables
    Play the ‘Catering Don’ts’ Word Hunt From the Foo Fighters’ Tour RiderFrom the “Field Guide to Food Coloring Book and Activity Pages.”
  6. clickables
    Check Out Zach Galifianakis’s Debauchery-Free Tour RiderThe ‘Hangover’ star’s live-show demands include a baby grand, a bottle of red, and more.
  7. movies
    Read Steve Martin’s Funny ‘Leaked’ Tour Rider of Diva Prerequisites“Must speak English, but not be the type when asked, “How are you?” that responds, ‘I’m WELL, thanks … ’”