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  1. heaven
    Guess What? Niall Horan Is Tourin’.Coming to you live in 2024.
  2. paws? ya they’re up
    Lady Gaga Put Her Paws Up Performing ‘Monster’ at Chromatica BallGirl, you better Düsseldo!
  3. respect the classics
    Bob Dylan Making Tour Plans Until 2024 Is More Shocking Than His Going ElectricThe man is 80!
  4. miss jackson
    You Can See Janet Jackson on Tour This Year, If Ya NastyAnd we’re getting a new album! Blessings.
  5. music
    Spice Girls Kick Off Reunion Tour With Sound Issues, Tequila ShotsAre you not entertained?!
  6. once in a lifetime opportunity
    David Byrne’s American Utopia Could Be Coming to BroadwayIt’s not the same as it ever was.
  7. don’t stop beliebing
    Bieber Announces a U.S. Stadium Tour on EllenWhile the Beliebers scream, he sits patiently with his coffee.
  8. theater
    The Color Purple Sets Broadway Closing Date The show will put on its final performance on January 8 and launch its North American tour in fall 2017.
  9. on the road again
    Fred Armisen Is Going on a Magical, Mystery Music TourOh, you just know it’s gonna be weird.
  10. tour
    Esperanza Spalding Announces TourShe’ll tour North and South America.
  11. hello
    Adele Imitates Harry Potter, Is Going On TourShe’s been “bluffing” this whole time.
  12. tv
    Just Like American Idol, Empire Might Be Going on TourGet ready to see “Drip Drop” live!
  13. twitter rants
    Katy Perry Tweets That Paparazzo Harassing Her Has a ‘Tiny Penis’Roar.
  14. ‘The Onion’ Is Going on Tour Over the years, The Onion has branched out into TV, film, web video, and books, and now the franchise is taking on another piece of new […]
  15. Marc Maron Announces His ‘Out of the Garage’ Tour Comedian and podcaster extraordinaire Marc Maron is about to embark on a month-long run of shows, dubbed the “Out of the Garage” Tour, […]
  16. There Will Be a Documentary About Dan Harmon’s Live Show/Podcast […] Community creator Dan Harmon is taking his live show/podcast Harmontown on a nationwide tour beginning January 10th, and it was just […]
  17. Louis C.K. Explains His Scalping Policy Is WorkingWhen Louis decided to sell the tickets for his next tour directly through his website, preventing scalping was a big motivating factor. He […]
  18. Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 2 As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Chris Gethard isn’t dead. He made it to Bonnaroo to do his Chris Gethard thing. However, it’s important you […]
  19. Louis C.K. Made Fun of Jay Leno’s Funny Face; Is Going on Tour In total, Leno has hosted the Tonight Show for about 19 years and last night Louis said what everyone has been thinking: Why is your face like […]
  20. ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Hitting the RoadLike Portlandia before it, Comedy Bang! Bang! is going on tour this summer. The show will be a mix of stand-up, cameos, games, special guests, […]
  21. Take a Stroll Around ‘Rushmore’s’ CampusHouston: The Rushmore School  Wes Anderson’s sets tend to look real but not. They’re as if the universe was meticulously put together by a […]
  22. Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 1 Our woman at the festival informs us that Chris Gethard killed it last night at Bonnaroo, which means he got there alive! As the video above […]
  23. Yeti Your Way Through the ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ Studio Doesn’t work seem supes boring after a lovely long weekend? Well, Jimmy Fallon, a yeti, and the Late Night team have found a way to kill at […]
  24. nostalgia
    New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Going on TourA perfect match.