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Toy Story 3

  1. vulture lists
    All 27 Pixar Movies, RankedNone of these movies is bad, but one of them has to be No. 27 and one of them has to be No. 1.
  2. obits
    Network Star Ned Beatty Dead at 83He had 160-plus acting credits.
  3. room 237
    Toy Story 3’s Director on His Shining ObsessionHe loves it so much that he started a site devoted to the film and helped fund the new documentary Room 237.
  4. star trek into darkness
    Watch an Excellent Star Trek Into DarknessToy Story 3 Mash-UpMash-ups featuring movies that haven’t come out yet? Welcome to 2012.
  5. live action
    Live-Action Aladdin and Toy Story#savewoody
  6. chat room
    Randy Newman on His Twentieth Oscar Nomination, and Why Lady Gaga Didn’t Make the Toy Story 3 Soundtrack“I tried to get them to hire someone really inappropriate to perform the song for me.”
  7. chat room
    Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich and Writer Michael Arndt on Their Oscar Nominations“That sense of being a total impostor has lessened slightly.”
  8. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: James Franco Way UpWho’s up? Who’s down?
  9. chat room
    Pixar’s Lee Unkrich and Darla K. Anderson on Toy Story 3’s Reviews, Oscar Campaign, and Sequel Chances“It’s called fear-based filmmaking. The release date looms and our reputation precedes us and so we’re kind of frightened of screwing up.”
  10. toy story 3
    Disney Will Push Toy Story 3 for Best Picture With ‘All of Its Might’No animated film has ever taken the top prize.
  11. sob story
    Russians Not Crying at Toy Story 3Because they are not seeing ‘Toy Story 3.’
  12. movies
    Enjoy a List of Toy Story 3 Easter EggsNow that everyone’s seen the movie, it’s time to revisit /Film’s excellent list of secret surprises.
  13. trolls
    DreamWorks to Make Troll MovieThanks a lot, Pixar.
  14. close readings
    Is Toy Story 3 a Holocaust Movie, or an A.I. Remake?“Buzz Lightyear stands forward and suggests sanctuary IN AN ATTIC. Are you kidding me?”
  15. reviews in short
    Review Toy Story 3 in One SentenceTime to flex those capsule reviewing skills.
  16. the industry
    Why Toy Story 3 Soared and Jonah Hex Was CursedOnce the Woody/Buzz connection is formed, it is rooted for life.
  17. weekend box office
    Toy Story 3 Rules The Box Office’Jonah Hex’ bombs.
  18. toy story 3
    Armond White Writes the First Bad Toy Story 3 ReviewBut did he mention any tears?
  19. sob story
    Just How Much Will Toy Story 3 Make You Cry?We rank the reviews on a scale from zero to four teardrops.
  20. movies
    Watch ‘Toyz Noize,’ Pogo’s Toy Story Audio RemixFrom the musician behind the epic “Alice in Wonderland” video.
  21. movies
    Watch a Cute New Toy Story 3 Promo With Groovy Safari KenThe ultimate boy’s toy shows us around his dream house.
  22. not cool
    Disney’s Cruel Marketing Strategy for Toy Story 3Free screenings for college students! But it’s only two-thirds of the movie.
  23. movies
    Toy Story 3 Gets a Viral VideoNew toy Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear stars in his own faux-eighties kids’ commercial.
  24. movies
    Watch a New Clip From Toy Story 3It was love at first sight for Barbie and Funky Safari Ken.
  25. movies
    Say Hello to All the New Toy Story 3 ToysCan’t wait to see what Big Baby’s game is.
  26. movies
    Meet Twitch the Insect Man, the Newest Toy Story 3 CharacterHe’s an “insectaloid warrior.”
  27. movies
    Meet Two More New Toy Story 3 CharactersIntroducing Buttercup and Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear.
  28. movies
    Toy Story 3 Easter Eggs, Revealed!SlashFilm does an unbelievable job scouring the new trailer.
  29. trailer mix
    Toy Story 3 Trailer: Bigger, Longer, and UncutThere are more toys, more action, and at least one barely forgivable poo joke.
  30. movies
    Watch a Cute New Teaser Trailer for Toy Story 3Oooh, grasshopper man.
  31. movies
    Meet Two New Characters From Toy Story 3Introducing funky safari Ken and Peas-in-a-Pod!
  32. trailer mix
    Toy Story 3 Trailer: The College YearsWhen did the ‘Toy Story’ franchise turn into the ‘Up’ series?
  33. easter eggs
    New Toy Story 3 Character Revealed in UpIt was just one of dozens of Easter eggs featured in the film.
  34. the industry
    Nastia Liukin and Mario Cantone to Star in Worst Movie EverPlus: Michael Keaton will play a Ken doll in ‘Toy Story 3.’