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  1. last night on late night
    Watch Kit Harington Fulfill Jimmy Fallon’s Greatest Wish… which is for someone famous to sing “Drops of Jupiter” by Train with gusto.
  2. wife guys
    14 Wife Guy Anthems to … Celebrate? … Valentine’s DayPlay these at your own risk.
  3. videology
    What Would It Look Like If Danny Trejo Were in the Band Train?Here he is, lip-synching along to this Train song.
  4. tim and eric’s billion dollar movie
    Watch Tim and Eric Goof Off in an Interview With MTV NewsZales? Check. McDonald’s? Check. Tim Allen and Train? Check, check, check!
  5. ad watch
    Train’s New Song That You Might Soon Hate Is HereIt’s the centerpiece of Coke’s new ad campaign, and it will be deployed to 90 countries.
  6. music
    Hear Lady Gaga Perform a New Song Live, ‘You and I’It sounds a bit like Train’s “Drops of Jupiter,” which is unexpected.
  7. the industry
    David Simon Re-‘Wires’ His New PilotA handful of ‘Wire’ vets join Simon’s New Orleans–set HBO pilot.