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Tribeca 2023

  1. tribeca 2023
    Hideo Kojima Is a Genius. What Else Is New?A new documentary about the acclaimed video-game auteur reveals very little.
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    Dewayne Perkins on Being The Blackening’s Queer Final GirlThe writer-star of the new horror-comedy on skewering stereotypes and proving that the gay best friend can be the hero, too.
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    Here Are All the Winners of the 2023 Tribeca FestivalCongrats, Cypher.
  4. movie review
    The Blackening Stretches a Funny Sketch Into a Less Funny FeatureThe premise at the center of this horror-comedy is still great.
  5. comedy review
    More Like John EnnuiJohn Early’s solo special is a beautifully dumb, exquisitely articulated cover of the millennial mood.
  6. tribeca 2023
    We Can Kinda Thank Madonna for The Social NetworkIf we’re understanding David Fincher correctly.
  7. movie review
    Pixar’s Messy Metaphor for Interracial RomanceElemental is the story of what happens when fire meets water, falls in love, and turns into immigrant stereotypes.
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    Chelsea Peretti’s Directorial Debut Snagged by RokuFirst Time Female Director is the first major title sold at this year’s Tribeca Festival.
  9. tribeca 2023
    Robert De Niro’s Festival Will Hold a De Niro Con This FallA proud Martin Scorsese and an event-hopping Eric Adams helped deliver the news at Tribeca Festival’s private reception.
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    12 Movies and Documentaries We’re Excited to See at Tribeca FestivalFrom a Rock Hudson documentary to a serial-killer buddy comedy to a live performance from Waitress’s Sara Bareilles.
  11. finally some good food
    Tribeca Film Festival Is What Baking Did for Waitress2023’s lineup includes a pro-shot of the musical starring Sara Bareilles.