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Trouble In Paradise

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    Corinne Olympios on Bachelor in Paradise: I Never Blamed DeMario for AnythingShe claims the alcohol and medications that caused her to black out didn’t stop her from appearing “totally present.”
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    Corinne Says Medication Mixed With Alcohol Caused Bachelor in Paradise Blackout“It was like I went under anesthesia.”
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    DeMario in Tearful Bachelor in Paradise Interview: ‘I’m Not That Monster’Jackson was accused of sexual assault, though an investigation from the studio found no evidence of misconduct.
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    DeMario Jackson Says Bachelor in Paradise Scandal Fueled by Racism“They wanted the angry black guy and this little, innocent white girl. But it wasn’t.”
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    Here’s How Bachelor in Paradise Addressed the Production ShutdownThe season premiere opened with host Chris Harrison addressing the controversy head-on.
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    Everything We Know About How Bachelor in Paradise Will Address Its ScandalIt’s going to be interesting.
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    New Bachelor in Paradise Promo Plays Up Poolside Footage of Corinne and DeMarioNo comment.
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    Bachelor in Paradise Will Include Interviews With Corinne and DeMarioThe interviews with the contestants, who left the show during filming, will air in the second and third weeks of the season.
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    A Timeline of the Bachelor in Paradise AllegationsProduction on the Bachelor spinoff was shut down after an alleged sexual assault.
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    Embattled Season of Bachelor in Paradise Gets a Premiere DateBoth Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson say they will return for the reunion special.
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    Corinne Olympios Will Not Return to Bachelor in Paradise, Closes InvestigationShe joins DeMario Jackson in exiting the show.
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    Bachelor in Paradise: Contestant Sex Reportedly Now Needs Producer ApprovalWithout approval, the producers are allowed to stop the sexual activity.
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    DeMario Jackson Defends Corinne, Alleges Bachelor in Paradise Conspiracy“I’m not sure by who, but I got played.”
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    DeMario Jackson Gives His Version of Events in the Bachelor in Paradise Scandal“That night was probably one of the wildest nights of my life,” the former Bachelorette contestant said.
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    DeMario Jackson Reportedly Not Returning to Bachelor in ParadiseThe contestant was accused of engaging in an allegedly nonconsensual sexual encounter with Corinne Olympios.
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    Reality Steve on Bachelor in Paradise’s Future: ‘I Think It’s Done’The eponymous creator of infamous Bachelor spoiler site Reality Steve says he thinks the show is doomed.
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    Former Bachelor Franchise Producer Says ‘There’s a Lot of Sex That Never Airs’“It’s par for the course that there is a drunken hookup that went too far — that certainly goes on all the time.”
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    Chris Harrison: ‘A Lot of Misinformation’ About Bachelor in Paradise Controversy“They’re moving quickly to gather all the facts, and once that’s done, a clear, concise decision can be made about where we go from here.”
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    Bachelor in Paradise Contestant on the Season’s Future: It’s Probably OverThings aren’t looking good for the show.
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    The Ed Helms Vacation Reboot Has Been TabledYou may now weep or be thrilled.