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Troy Kotsur

  1. grand theft oscar
    CODA Star Troy Kotsur’s Oscar Inadvertently Stolen by Local JuvenilesThey nabbed his Jeep (which doubles as a trophy cabinet).
  2. oscar alert!
    Billie Eilish Can Vote at the Oscars If She So ChoosesBut would she have voted for Judy Garland over Grace Kelly in 1955?
  3. oscars 2022
    How CODA Won Best PictureAll season long, Sian Heder’s movie was overshadowed by bigger, starrier contenders. But none of that mattered come final voting.
  4. oscars 2022
    Watch Troy Kotsur’s Oscars Acceptance Speech … Through Your TearsHe thanks his family and admits that he almost taught the POTUS “some dirty sign language.”
  5. from the screen to the stage
    CODA Is Being Adapted Into a Stage MusicalIt’s theater’s illusions I recall.
  6. oscars 2022
    Is CODA’s Oscar Momentum for Real?Is the indie dramedy really a sneaky Best Picture contender, or do we just need something new to talk about in the final month of the season?
  7. movie review
    CODA Is an Occasionally Corny But Very Effective Family DramedyEmilia Jones plays the only hearing member of a Massachusetts fishing family in this Sundance crowd-pleaser that’s hard to resist.