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  1. that sucks
    Thanks to HBO, the True Blood Reboot Has Met Its True DeathRiverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was attached to the now-canceled project.
  2. alright
    True Blood and Silicon Valley Are Getting the Basic-Cable TreatmentAnd someone will have to edit the episodes to a TV-MA rating.
  3. i hate that for you
    Now, How Did Anna Paquin Get Involved With the Suspended Grey’s Anatomy Writer?A source said Paquin doesn’t have “anything to do with Finch’s kidneys.”
  4. bloodlust
    Vampires, Ranked (by Hotness)I learned a few things on this journey, mainly that most vampires are excruciatingly hot in a way that makes me feel bad and compromises my morals.
  5. megan thee scholar
    Megan Thee Stallion Shares Her Love of Vampire Diaries’ Elena Thee GilbertAnd none for Caroline Forbes, bye.
  6. reboots
    True Blood Is Getting Rebooted by Riverdale Evil Genius Roberto Aguirre-SacasaThe show is in the early stages of development.
  7. vulture festival la
    We Almost Lived in a World Where Benedict Cumberbatch Played Bill on True BloodAnd Jessica Chastain auditioned for the role of Sookie.
  8. vulture festival la
    Jim Carrey and Rachel Bloom Added to Vulture Festival LA Presented by AT&TIn its second year, Vulture Festival LA Presented by AT&T will include a Scrubs reunion, Constance Wu, Busy Philipps, and so much more.
  9. deaths
    Nelsan Ellis’s Family Shares His Cause of Death to Help People With AddictionsThe True Blood actor died of heart failure related to complications from alcohol withdrawal.
  10. obituaries
    True Blood Family Mourns the Death of Nelsan Ellis: ‘I Am Heartbroken’“I am speechless … ”
  11. obituaries
    Nelsan Ellis, Star of True Blood, Has Died at Age 39Ellis gave an indelible performance on the HBO drama as gay short-order cook Lafayette Reynolds.
  12. hborgies
    Westworld’s Orgy Is a Reminder That You’re Watching HBOIt’s not TV, clearly.
  13. trailer mix
    Midnight, Texas Trailer: Texan True Blood Population: every kind of weirdo that comes to mind.
  14. musicals
    True Blood Might Become a Broadway MusicalBecause vampire sex is just that lyrical.
  15. mystery man
    Meet the Mystery Man From the True Blood FinaleAnyone who has seen the episode will know who we mean.
  16. chat room
    Charlaine Harris on True Blood Series FinaleHarris is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
  17. postmortems
    Brian Buckner Defends True Blood Series Finale“It might be fun to do the last season over again.”
  18. series finales
    Lafayette Deserved Better From True Blood’s Series FinaleThat’s it? For the best character on the show?
  19. overnights
    True Blood Series Finale Recap: Miss StakeA slow clap for Sookie.
  20. we need closure
    9 Questions Still Left Unresolved After the True Blood Series FinaleWe may never have closure.
  21. did you see that?
    ‘Thank You’: Let’s Talk About the True Blood Series FinaleSpoiler alert, obviously.
  22. series finales
    3 Wild and Crazy Former Vamps Reminisce About True BloodDenis O’Hare, Michael McMillian, and James Frain help us put a stake in the series’ heart.
  23. series finales
    What to Remember Before the True Blood FinaleA lot can happen in two years.
  24. vulture quiz
    How Well Do You Know These 50 True Blood Characters?Do you just know these past and current denizens of Bon Temps, or do you really, really know them?
  25. boning up
    The 7 True Blood-iest Sex Scenes in True Blood HistoryFrom hate sex to grave sex, and everything in between.
  26. vulture lists
    The 17 Most Disgusting Deaths on True BloodSo bloody.
  27. chat room
    Howard Deutch on True Blood and John HughesPretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful — these are not movies that are erotic.”
  28. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Flight NightWhat exactly should our expectations have been for the second-to-last episode of True Blood?
  29. chat room
    Alexander Skarsgård on True Blood and The GiverNow he’s at your local cineplex and on your TV.
  30. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Bad Things HappenOnly two more episodes left.
  31. many happy returns
    Jim Parrack on True Blood and Drinking BloodHe drinks actual human blood “maybe a couple times a year.”
  32. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Miracles HappenBill and Sookie.
  33. chat room
    Chris Bauer on True Blood, Addiction, and Moles“Oh! There’s a little mole that just fell in my pool. I gotta get this out.”
  34. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Connective IssuesOnly four more episodes left.
  35. chat room
    Anna Camp on the End of True Blood and Mad MenShe just finished up filming Pitch Perfect 2.
  36. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Praise JawLafayette finally gets some.
  37. chat room
    Nelsan Ellis on Saying Good-bye to True Blood“I’m going to miss seven years of a family. That’s the thing I’m going to lose.”
  38. last wishes
    We Deserve One More Sookie-and-Eric Sex Scene on True BloodIsn’t that what True Blood is for?
  39. chat room
    True Blood’s Tara Buck Breaks Down Her ScreamingShe also discusses Interview with the Vampire.
  40. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Underground Roller-CoasterSo many emotional ups and downs, so little time left.
  41. Why Everyone Needs to Die in the True Blood FinaleNothing else will feel major enough.
  42. overnights
    True Blood Recap: Yakuza-paloozaNobody likes a mopey Lafayette.
  43. chat room
    True Blood’s Joe Manganiello on Cock Socks and Magic Mike XXLMajor True Blood spoilers ahead.
  44. vulture advice
    3 Things We’d Really Like to See Happen Before True Blood EndsHow about Lafayette getting some already?
  45. gifcap
    Last Night’s True Blood Was Good, But This Sex Scene Was GreatIt’s hard to be surprised by a sex scene on True Blood, but here we are.
  46. overnights
    True Blood Recap: The Town That Feared SundownNo discussion of this episode should start with anything other than that cold open.
  47. chat room
    True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten on PamSpoilers ahead if you have not seen the most recent episode of True Blood.
  48. vulture quiz
    How Well Do You Know True Blood’s Craziest Moments?Play True Blood or False Blood.
  49. overnights
    True Blood Final Season Premiere Recap: The Intimacy of DoomThis season premiere was very good and very dark.
  50. chat room
    Rutina Wesley on Tara and True Blood Season 7Remember when Tara was a cage-fighter?
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