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True Detective Season 3

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    A Very Simple Guide to True Detective’s Multiple TimelinesConfused by season three? Here’s a chronological guide to all the major events of True Detective’s grisly mystery.
  2. close reads
    True Detective Season 3 Was a Blistering Case Against True CrimeThe occult dolls, spiral signatures, and prosecutorial misconduct were seductive catnip, not clues to help crack the mystery.
  3. spoilers
    Who’s the Killer in True Detective Season Three?The HBO drama serves up a lot of answers, but which ones are the full truth of the Purcell case?
  4. overnights
    True Detective Season Finale Recap: Nobody’s Gonna Hear It But UsThe mystery draws to a close, then the episode just keeps going, a fitting end to a season as much about the investigators as their haunting case.
  5. explainers
    How True Detective’s Third Season Connects to Its FirstThe HBO drama has drawn a clear line between the current season’s Purcell case and the events of season one.
  6. lines of inquiry
    True Detecting True Detective: Let’s Lay Odds on Who the Killer IsWith just one episode left, the series has introduced a bunch of new characters, and with them, new possibilities.
  7. overnights
    True Detective Recap: Somebody’s Got to RememberThe season rebounds in a big way with an episode that perfectly balances the central mystery with impressive character work.
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    True Detective’s Third Season Is Twin Peaks’ True HeirBy taking the right lessons from the apotheosis of small-town murder mysteries, the HBO series has distinguished itself beyond its central whodunit.
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    True Detective Recap: Under the PinkThe season’s central mystery has finally come a little more into focus, but there’s still a lot that doesn’t add up.
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    True Detective Recap: Hardships and TribulationsMid-season drag sets in with an episode that repeats much of what we’ve already seen — with one big exception.
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    True Detective Recap: Major Cognitive DissonanceIs this season of True Detective’s fractured chronology working for it or against it?
  12. special effects
    True Detective’s Old-Man Makeup Was Inspired by The Nutty Professor and AmadeusThe makeup artist behind True Detective season three reveals the secrets of a special-effects feat.
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    True Detective Recap: Maps and LegendsThe central mystery of the Purcell abduction remains captivating, if increasingly bogged down by bits that don’t push the narrative forward.
  14. tv ratings
    True Detective Season 3 Premiere Scores Solid RatingsThe first episode has already been watched 2.3 million times.
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    True Detective Recap: Into the WoodsThe Purcell case that will anchor this season begins simply enough — though this being True Detective, it doesn’t stay that way for long.
  16. backstories
    3 and Half Years Later, True Detective Is Back. Why Did It Take So Long?“[It] was no sure thing that we were going to do a third season.”
  17. tv review
    What Is True Detective, Really?The third season of HBO’s crime anthology has another bona fide star in Mahershala Ali, but it doesn’t answer this fundamental question.
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    Mahershala Ali Looks Very Good, Very Concerned in New True Detective PhotosAnd let’s meet Stephen Dorff’s wig.
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    Director Jeremy Saulnier Leaves True Detective Season 3 After Two EpisodesHBO released a statement announcing the change, citing “scheduling issues.”
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    Mahershala Ali Cast In True Detective Season 3The man who invented yellow arrives to reinvent True Detective.
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    Time to Get Your Hopes Up for a True Detective Season 3 Starring Mahershala AliYour casting dreams come True.