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  1. true detective
    HBO Exec Takes Blame for True Detective S2“I set him up.”
  2. Why Cronenberg Passed on True Detective Season 2[Sips tea.]
  3. season finales
    The Winners and Losers of True Detective Season TwoCary Fukunaga: Winner! Vince Vaughn? Err …
  4. time is a flat etc
    5 Possible Endings to Redeem True DetectiveDo we have to say it again? More crow mask!
  5. fan theories
    Who Is True Detective’s Murderer? Here’s What Reddit Thinks.Remember that movie set?
  6. push it
    Here’s a Button That Sums Up True Detective Season TwoBYO music-note emojis.
  7. tv
    True Detective and the Changing, Divisive Nature of the Aerial ShotPost-9/11 and post-NSA, the aerial imparts a new kind of unease, a more ambient dread.
  8. close reads
    The David Lynchian Overtones of True Detective’s Second SeasonThe man is everywhere.
  9. chat room
    TD’s Abigail Spencer on Gena and Ray’s Backstory“There’s a lot of inner conflict around [the rape], which is going to play out over this season.”
  10. True D’s Lynn Nothing Like the Singer She Plays“They gave me track marks for every shoot.”
  11. close reads
    What True Detective’s Credits Foreshadow About Season TwoParticularly as compared to season one’s titles.
  12. What to Watch For on the New Season of True DetectiveThere’s a lot to untangle in Sunday night’s knotty plot with its interweaving story lines and visual clues.
  13. close reads
    A History of True Detective’s New Theme Song, ‘Nevermind’A laconic, husky-throated dirge that hangs over the opening credits like a heavy fog.
  14. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Plays True Confessions With the True DetectivesFeaturing Robert Durst.
  15. A Timeline of How We Got to True Detective’s Second SeasonA twisting trail of casting fake-outs, postal conspiracies, and rumored orgies.
  16. tv review
    True Detective’s Second Season Is Brooding, Sour, and Totally FascinatingIt often plays like a cousin of The Wire as directed by Michael Mann.
  17. mark your calendars
    Here’s a Description of the True Detective 2 PremiereHBO is pumped.
  18. teasers
    Feast Your Eyes on These Two New True Detective Season Two Teasers#Chaotic.
  19. true detective
    True Detective Season Two’s New Teaser Gets PhilosophicalPeople talk!
  20. true detective season 2
    True D Season 2 Will Have No Freaky Occult StuffNic Pizzolatto reveals there’s no more “secret occult history of the U.S. transportation system.”
  21. tv posters
    The True Detective Season 2 Poster Is Foreboding As HellCome gather ‘round the fire.
  22. mean mugs
    True Detective Season 2’s Most True Detective–y FacesThese guys have been practicing!
  23. true detective season 2
    Here’s Where We Stand on True Detective Season 2 [Updated]It’s not just a meme!
  24. teaser
    True Detective Season 2 Has a Teaser and, Boy, Does It Look GreatHope you like intense glances.
  25. gratuitous nudity
    True D Will Finally Show Some ‘True D’ in ‘Colossal Orgy Sequence’HBO’s pervert executive strikes again!
  26. star trek 3
    Your Guide to New Star Trek 3 Director Justin LinThe Fast and Furious director is taking over for J.J. Abrams.
  27. casting couch
    True Detective Season 2 Will Include Rick SpringfieldCongratulations, Rick Springfield.
  28. tv
    True Detective’s New Female Characters Are Not Very SurprisingWill True Detective ever cast a female character who’s not a long-suffering wife, a prostitute, or a victim of unspeakable sexual horror?
  29. tv
    Taylor Kitsch Will Really Be in True DetectiveHe credits Nic Pizzolatto with reminding him why he became an actor in the first place.
  30. tv
    True Detective Adds Rachel McAdams, KitschWe can finally complete our #TrueDetectiveSeasonTwo Photoshops.
  31. video
    Here’s a First (Fake) Trailer for True Detective Season 2 Carcosa in the desert.
  32. what a production!
    Everything We Know About True Detective Season 2A bunch, but still not enough.
  33. casting couch
    Farrell, Vaughn Confirmed for True DetectiveAs a cop and a criminal. But who is the true bad guy?
  34. true detective
    Justin Lin in Talks to Direct True Detective EpsMaybe they’ll be about family?
  35. tv
    Elisabeth Moss Is Circling True Detective, and Many Other Juicy DetailsIncluding a plot synopsis.
  36. casting couch
    Vince Vaughn in Talks for True Detective Season 2“Time is a flat circle, baby!”
  37. true detective season 2
    True Detective Will Have Four Leads NowOne more and it’s just an ensemble, folks.
  38. casting
    True Detective: 8 Actresses Who Should Be Lobbying for the LeadFrom Reese Witherspoon to Lupita Nyong’o.
  39. memes
    And Then There Were Three: The #TrueDetectiveSeason2 Meme Gets a New SpinThree apparently is not a crowd.
  40. rumors
    No, Jessica Chastain Will Not Be on True Detective’s New SeasonHopes? Dashed.
  41. true detective season 2
    Reps Say That Jessica Chastain Will Not Be in True Detective Season 2Keep those suggestions coming.