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Tv Revivals

  1. trailer mix
    The Hills: New Beginnings Trailer Has an ‘Unwritten’ Remix So Everything Is FineMischa Barton definitely makes sense here!
  2. teasers
    Jordan Peele Will Enter Another Dimension, Host CBS’s Twilight Zone RevivalComing in 2019.
  3. tv revivals
    Hulu Wants to Revive Veronica Mars, Because TV Never DiesCreator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell are onboard.
  4. Why Network TV’s Obsession With Reboots Isn’t a Bad ThingForget Peak TV: The era of Peak Reboot has arrived.
  5. tv revivals
    Candice Bergen Is Bringing Back Murphy BrownMurphy’s back for the era of cable news, social media, and fake news.
  6. tv revivals
    Sony Might Be Into a Mad About You RevivalAnd if it’s not called Still Mad About You, so help us Helen Hunt …
  7. tv revivals
    Drake, a Cult-TV Stan, Is Reviving British Crime Drama Top Boy on NetflixDrake’s also a big fan of Ozark.
  8. tv revivals
    CBS Is Developing New Twilight Zone Series for All Access With Jordan PeeleAll Access is doubling down on its iconic sci-fi programming.
  9. vulture lists
    A Complete Guide to Fall TV’s Many Reboots, Revivals, and SpinoffsFrom Curb Your Enthusiasm to Star Trek: Discovery.
  10. tv revivals
    After So Many TV Show Revivals, Fox Is Making a TV Show About TV Show RevivalsThe series follows a kid from a 1980s sitcom who’s pulled back into dealing with his old TV family.