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    Vampires to Save Music BusinessRecord labels are currently fighting over which of their artists will be included on the upcoming ‘Twilight 2’ soundtrack.
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    Editor of New Moon Trailer Clearly on Team JacobSorry, Rob!
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    Twilight 2 Soundtrack to Feature Non-Belchy Thom Yorke TrackChris Weitz says Yorke composed a song specifically for the movie and “unless it’s sounds of him belching, I think I’ll put it in.”
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    Twilight 2: Taylor Lautner Has Restless Chest SyndromeStep aside, Jackman!
  5. restless leg syndrome
    Does the Twilight 2 Poster Deliberately Hide Taylor Lautner’s Restless Leg Syndrome?It would certainly seem so!
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    Is Anna Kendrick Responsible for Trashed Twilight 2 Script?Impossible to say! (But we try to pin it on her anyway.)
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    Flying Piece of Metal Almost Smites Hunky VampireIs this franchise cursed? We say yes!
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    Dakota Fanning Joins Cast of Twilight 2She’s back!
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    Catherine Hardwicke to Twilight Studio: ‘You Can’t Fire Me, Because I Quit!’Her new interview with ‘EW’ paints a starkly different picture than the one Nikki Finke originally broke in December.