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  1. cronenbergian
    Grab a Bite With Two Rachel Weiszes in This Exclusive Dead Ringers ClipIf you thought you wanted to be murdered by ONE Rachel Weisz …
  2. twins
    Beyoncé Posts Baby Photo of ‘Herself’ on Her BirthdayThis has to be Rumi.
  3. casting
    Mark Ruffalo and Mark Ruffalo Will Play Twin Brothers in HBO Mini-seriesDerek Cianfrance will direct the six-episode mini-series.
  4. last night on late night
    Bryce Dallas Howard Has Been Mistaken for Jessica Chastain Since CollegeCollege!
  5. Double Lover Is a French Erotic Thriller Made for Valentine’s DayFrançois Ozon gives you twin sex, pegging, and an opening shot not likely to be forgotten.
  6. babies
    Beyoncé Gives Birth to TwinsThey’re hereeee.
  7. Why Are There So Many Doppelgängers in Pop Culture Right Now?Do not adjust your screens or your prescription: You are definitely seeing a lot of double.
  8. twins!
    The Bachelor’s Most Entertaining Twins Are Getting Their Own ShowGive the people what they want.
  9. Josh Gad Is Working on the ‘Twins’ Sequel ‘Triplets,’ Which Is Apparently […]Book of Mormon and Daily Show star Josh Gad has just been hired to co-write a script treatment for Triplets, a sequel to the 1988 Arnold […]
  10. questionable sequels
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Says That Twins Sequel Is HappeningAnd yet we wait in vain for a Kindergarten Cop follow-up.
  11. Get Ready for that ‘Twins’ Sequel You Never Knew You WantedArnold Schwarzenegger confirmed at Comic-Con that a sequel to Twins is in the works. The original was a mega-smash, back in the day when movie […]
  12. Schwarzenegger, DeVito, Murphy to Make an Unholy Trinity in Triplets“Guys, I’ve got it. You know how we’ve been wondering whether it would be too strange to make a sequel to Twins, the 1988 comedy starring […]
  13. clickables
    Pick Up Some New Moves From This Twin Kid ‘Hey Ya’ Dance RoutineNailed it.
  14. trailer mix
    Leaves of Grass Trailer: Ed Norton Doubles His Pleasure, Doubles His FunThe real question is this: Can he be more convincing at playing twins than Jean-Claude Van Damme? (We sincerely hope so.)
  15. twins!
    Did Matthew Weiner Steal All of His Ideas From The Office?Almost certainly.
  16. chat room
    The National’s Bryce and Aaron Dessner on the Strange Lives of Identical Musical TwinsThe two discuss their new work, ‘The Long Count,’ premiering tonight at the BAM Next Wave Festival.
  17. twins!
    G.I. Joe and Team America: Exactly the SameOver at AMC’s Future of Classic blog, Bilge Ebiri enumerates the many similarities between ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra’ and ‘Team America: World Police.’