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Tyne Daly

  1. theater
    ‘We Pitch and Catch Pretty Good’: Tim and Tyne Daly on Playing SiblingsThe two actors appear onstage together for the first time (with an asterisk) in Downstairs.
  2. vulture on vulture
    9 Startling Differences Between Spider-Man’s Vulture and Vulture the WebsiteThere is not a single editor at Vulture who would get mad at Tyne Daly, for any reason.
  3. stage dive
    Theater Review: Mothers and SonsTyne Daly brings out her ferocity.
  4. stage dive
    The Diva Paradox of Master ClassThe fine distinction between self-deluded and genuinely tragic.
  5. the industry
    Keira Knightley and Colin Farrell to Possibly Kill Each Other on FilmPlus: Some serious witch action.
  6. the industry
    George Clooney: LazyPlus: Industry news about J.J. Abrams and Nirvana!