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  1. in memoriam
    May the Angels Lead You to Dog Heaven, UggieWe’ll see you on the rainbow bridge.
  2. r.i.p.
    Uggie, the Dog From The Artist, Has Died: ReportHe was 13.
  3. uggie watch
    Uggie’s Retirement Party Is Coming UpDo you have your ticket?
  4. uggie watch
    Uggie Is Writing a Book NowIt will be out in October.
  5. political animals
    Uggie Is Going to the White House Correspondents DinnerAnd hopes to meet Obama.
  6. clickables
    Watch Uggie Tremble in a New Nintendo AdUggie is bringin’ in that paper, but his mystery ailment persists …
  7. clickables
    Watch the NMA.tv Recap of the OscarsComplete with suicidal Uggie joke.
  8. What to Expect at Tonight’s Oscar CeremonySure, The Artist will win, but some of what happens before is still up in the air.
  9. movies
    A Brief History of Celebrities Throwing Shade at UggieTom Selleck is the latest to dis the dog from The Artist.
  10. Watch Vulture’s Trip to the Uggie-Dominated Golden Collar AwardsJulie Klausner interviewed Uggie and the rest of this year’s canine stars on the red, surprisingly unsoiled carpet!
  11. oscars
    Uggie Won’t Be at the Oscars? WHAT?!Who is responsible for this tomfoolery?
  12. Uggie is Very Self-Conscious About His ‘Chunky Thighs’Yes, we’re talking about the dog from The Artist.
  13. Uggie Is Sick!Oh no!
  14. oscars
    Uggie Postpones Retirement Long Enough for an Oscar SkitSmart move, Crystal.
  15. Emmy Rossum Supports Uggie’s Retirement“That dog is exhausted.”
  16. Uggie Is Retiring!NO!
  17. beef
    Christopher Plummer Has Some Harsh Words for Uggie“We had the better dog.”
  18. awards
    We Now Live in a World With Dog Awards ShowsIn fairness, that greyhound from 50/50 really deserves more buzz.
  19. the artist
    Watch Uggie (the Dog From The Artist) Do Tricks on EllenAnd the Oscar goes to … Uggie! No? It doesn’t? Well, can we change that?