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  1. father’s day
    Nolan North Wants to Play Nathan Drake’s Daddy“Maybe some day they find Drake’s long-lost father, I’d be old enough by then.”
  2. movie review
    Uncharted Has Lots of Dimly Lit Secret Passages, Little ElseLooking for atmosphere? Mystery? Keep moving. Only cobwebs here.
  3. vulture lists
    Mark Wahlberg’s Best Movie Buddies, RankedTrees, an animatronic bear, and Will Ferrell.
  4. fuhgeddaboudit
    Remember How Uncharted Was Almost a David O. Russell Movie?Back in 2010, the director wanted Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci to co-star: “Although he didn’t say it — he’s like, ‘I want to do a mob movie.’”
  5. trailer mix
    Oh, Crap! A New Uncharted Clip Just DroppedFeaturing a certain cargo-plane mission.
  6. trailer mix
    Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg Are Hunting for Treasure and Trouble in UnchartedJust two adventure hunks chasing the bag.
  7. coronavirus
    Sony Pushes Summer Movies Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Morbius and More to Next YearHow does March of next year look for you?
  8. casting
    Mark Wahlberg Will Star in David O. Russell’s Uncharted“The idea that he has is just insane.”
  9. jackman
    Jackman the Top Choice for Uncharted Movie?Says the game’s voice actor: “I think the producers would like to see Jackman … He’s a phenomenal actor. I just hope I get a part on the movie so I can work with Hugh.”