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  1. awards
    Rina Sawayama Says Citizenship Clause Keeps Her Out of BRITs, Mercury Prize“I feel like I’ve contributed to the UK in a way that I think is worthy of being celebrated.”
  2. racism
    Idris Elba Tells Parliament Just How Close the United Kingdom Came to Losing Him“Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn’t.”
  3. christina aguilera
    Christina Aguilera Makes Music History in the UKBy dropping twenty-eight chart spots in a single week.
  4. breakups
    U.K.’s Channel 4 Drops FriendsAfter 15 years, the friendship is over.
  5. a new england
    Meet Britain’s Newest Comedy Star! (Oh, P.S., She’s Only 8 Years Old)Ramona Marquez just won the Best Female Newcomer award at the British Comedy Awards.
  6. christ figures
    The Second Coming Arrives As Susan Boyle Returns to Britain’s Got TalentWhen it comes to Susan Boyle, we tend to side with Lily Allen.
  7. britain
    Britain Overrun by Virtuosic, Opera-Singing EyesoresIs Greg Pritchard the new Susan Boyle?