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Unlikely Musicals

  1. unlikely musicals
    Monopoly the Musical Gunning for Broadway“I am not rolling away my shot.”
  2. crazy broadway musicals
    There Will Be a James Bond MusicalWith new villains, as well as a new Bond girl.
  3. unlikely musicals
    Back to the Future Musical Opening in London in 2015In the West End.
  4. unlikely musicals
    Barenaked Ladies Working on an Animal House MusicalWhat?
  5. unlikely musicals
    Valley Girl Musical Moving AheadNew-wave musical numbers for everyone.
  6. things that will never happen
    Groundhog Day: The Musical to Possibly ExistSurely they’ll get Nathan Lane to play Ned Ryerson.
  7. unlikely musicals
    Sleepless in Seattle to Become Musical for Some ReasonProducers are planning an opening on Broadway in 2010, although surely that will never happen.