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Urs Fischer

  1. 3 Sentence Reviews of Marlene Dumas, Dan Colen, and 11 Other Art-World Big ShotsLet’s read the tea leaves on the upper end of the food chain.
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    How to Tell If Your Child Is a Future Art StarProjectArt hosts an exhibition of the very early works of famous artists.
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    This 8-Foot Candle Portrait Mesmerized MeJerry Saltz on Urs Fischer’s giant wax sculpture of artist-director Julian Schnabel.
  4. encounter
    Can Art School’s Cool Kids Grow Up to Be Anti-Bullying Activists?Talking to Tara Subkoff and Urs Fischer about Subkoff’s directorial debut #Horror.
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    Saltz: Money, Insularity, and a Huge Controversy for the New MuseumI sorely want to defend the New Museum. Unfortunately, the institution may have outsmarted itself.
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    Urs Fischer Skips Own New Museum Opening; Interactive Sculpture DisappointsThe work, a motion-activated replica of a human tongue called ‘Noisette,’ is intended to result in a “mischievous slapstick routine.”
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    Tony Shafrazi Defaces ‘Guernica’ AgainTwo strippers dressed as cops wheel out a cake decorated with Picasso’s ‘Guernica,’ tempting the gallery owner yet again.
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    Artist Urs Fischer Digs His Own HoleOh to be an artist and gain permission to saw, drill, and dig in posh, white-walled spaces and leave the mess behind you.