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  1. movie review
    Val Doesn’t Know Who Val Kilmer Is, and That’s a Good ThingA moving new documentary about the elusive life and career of an endlessly fascinating actor.
  2. trailer mix
    Watch a Parade of Val Kilmers (and One Mark Twain) in the Val TrailerGo behind the scenes on Top Gun, Batman Forever, and more.
  3. cannes 2021
    Val Kilmer Is Finally the Main CharacterThe actor says he’s been filming himself for decades, and now his footage is a surprising and strange documentary, Val.
  4. top dog
    This Val Kilmer Documentary Has Been Shooting for 40 YearsHe recorded “thousands” of hours of footage.
  5. heartwarming stories
    Nobody Loves Ed Sheeran More Than Great British Bake Off Contestant ValLike baking a pastry, this story will make you feel warm and happy inside.