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  1. sequential art
    Superhero Comics’ Most Sympathetic Socialist Goes to WarJoshua Dysart will be writing the new comics mini-series.
  2. sequential art
    See Exclusive Pages from Valiant’s Divinity IIWhat if God were Communist?
  3. sequential art
    Preview Valiant’s Wrath of the Eternal WarriorAnd read a chat with its author about frying eggs on axes.
  4. geeking out
    Vulture’s San Diego Comic-Con Panels Will Be the Highlight of Your SummerUltimate Marvel! Valiant Comics! Surprises!
  5. the industry
    Valiant’s Bloodshot and Harbinger to Be MoviesCan Valiant break the Marvel-DC system?
  6. movies
    Valiant Comics Plans to Launch Its Own ‘Cinematic Universe’Thanks to a new partnership with China’s DMG Entertainment.
  7. resurrections
    Meet Valiant Entertainment, Superhero Comics’ Strangest Success StoryThe superhero world’s third-party candidate.
  8. the early-evening news
    Negligent Mother to Meet ‘Your Mother’Plus: Gnarls Barkley!