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Verne Troyer

  1. rip
    Austin Powers’s Verne Troyer Dead at 49Troyer had long suffered from alcoholism.
  2. sxsw
    The Scene at SXSW: Hot Band, Random CelebsWho we’re betting gets signed, which bands are forming their own sound, and Verne Troyer.
  3. apropos of nothing
    Uwe Boll Turns Down Tetris Movie, SadlyWe think he could’ve made it work!
  4. chat room
    Uwe Boll Explains Why He’s the Perfect Director to Make a Grand Theft Auto MovieThe acclaimed auteur speaks to Vulture about his new film, Michael Bay, and stuffing Verne Troyer in a suitcase.
  5. quote machine
    George Clooney Typecast As IdiotPlus: Don’t worry, everyone — Keanu Reeves says the ‘Watchmen’ movie will be great!
  6. trailer mix
    ‘The Love Guru’ Trailer: Mike Myers Does Not Bring Us Peace, Love, or UnderstandingMore than any previous Mike Myers vehicle, The Love Guru seems formed solely out of Myers’s extremely specific catalog of passionate loves: Eastern mysticism, ice hockey, midgets, and Mike Myers.
  7. the industry
    Jessica Alba Loves Ice Hockey, Mike MyersPlus industry news on Watchmen, Liev Schreiber, amd Takashi Murakami.