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  1. close reads
    Veronica Mars’s Inability to Evolve Made Veronica Mars BetterOur beloved stagnant marshmallow’s self-destructive sprint toward rock bottom is often frustrating to watch, but important for the character’s future.
  2. overnights
    Veronica Mars Season Finale Recap: Logan MarsAfter delivering pretty much everything you could want from a mystery finale, Veronica Mars gives its heroine one last heartbreaking push.
  3. welcome (back) to neptune
    Breaking Down Veronica Mars Season 4 With Showrunner Rob ThomasThe series creator discusses returning to Neptune sans nostalgia, where he’d like to see Veronica go from here, and, yes, that ending.
  4. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Leo SeasonWhile the season’s mystery has wandered deep into the weeds, Max Greenfield should probably be investigated by the FBI for stealing scenes.
  5. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Trust IssuesKeith and Veronica get closer to two people who look more and more like prime suspects, and whose personal motives may be a little too relatable.
  6. we used to be friends
    Veronica Mars Season Four’s Familiar Faces, RankedThe new revival series is packed with recognizable supporting characters, which we’ve ranked according to how excited we are to see them again.
  7. arms
    Just an Appreciation of Swole Logan on Veronica MarsHe’s so big! I would fit inside one of his arms!
  8. spoilers
    Why Veronica Mars Had to Blow Itself Up In the EndShowrunner Rob Thomas knows the ending of the revival season will be hard for fans to accept, but for him it was the only possible way forward.
  9. chat room
    Veronica Mars’s Enrico Colantoni Knows You Want a Dad Like Keith Mars“All I know about that character is that he loves his daughter. That’s it. I didn’t research what a PI does; I just invested in that.”
  10. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Bald AvengersHalf of Neptune is trying to out-Veronica Veronica, and leaving plenty of headaches for her in their wake.
  11. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Still AngryVeronica may be the smartest woman in Neptune, but against the machinery of the moneyed, does she even stand a chance?
  12. overnights
    Veronica Mars Recap: Small PackagesWith its usual wit and style, the show has stacked up an impressive roster of potential culprits in the Sea Sprite Motel bombing.
  13. overnights
    Veronica Mars Premiere Recap: Spring BreakdownIt’s hard to imagine a reboot for Veronica and friends that could go off much better than this one.
  14. surprise releases
    Hulu Released Its Veronica Mars Revival a Week EarlySurprise, Marshmallows!
  15. we used to be friends
    Everything You Need to Remember About Veronica Mars Before Its ReturnLet’s review the twists from three seasons, one movie, and two books that may have a part to play in Hulu’s new revival.
  16. tv review
    Veronica Mars Returns to Neptune, Seedy and Seductive As EverThe Hulu revival succeeds by returning to what made the series great, while sidestepping the perils of easy nostalgia.
  17. trailer mix
    Veronica Mars Revival Trailer: Spring Break Gets Really MessyPremiering on Hulu July 26.
  18. trailer mix
    Stream Seasons 1-3 of Veronica Mars on Hulu Before the RevivalLook out for Paris Hilton in episode two!
  19. summer preview
    10 Great TV Shows to Stream Before They’re Back This SummerThe returning shows you should catch up with ASAP.
  20. chat room
    Ken Marino on The Other Two, Internet Celebrity, and Justin Theroux’s Apartment“He texted me a picture of his real boot closet, and it wasn’t far off from the fictionalized version.”
  21. twist!
    Veronica Mars Writers Room Adds Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Of CourseA renaissance man!
  22. revivals
    Everything We Know About the Veronica Mars RevivalAnd why the Veronica Mars book series may play a major role.
  23. revivals
    The Veronica Mars Revival Is a Go at HuluMars Investigations is back in business.
  24. tv revivals
    Hulu Wants to Revive Veronica Mars, Because TV Never DiesCreator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell are onboard.
  25. Hypothesis: Season Two Is the Best or Worst Season of Every ShowScandal? The best! Friday Night Lights? The worst!
  26. Veronica Mars Actor Brad Bufanda Dies by Suicide at 34Bufanda is best known for playing PCHer Felix Toombs on the first two seasons of the Rob Thomas series.
  27. revivals
    Kristen Bell Says More Veronica Mars Is Coming“If I have to do it as Murder She Wrote at 80, we’re going to do it. It’s going to happen.”
  28. trends
    13 Reasons Why Twists the ‘Dead Girl’ Trope by Giving Her Control of the StoryFor once, the dead girl gets a chance to explain things for herself.
  29. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: Which TV Couple Do You Anti-Ship?From Stranger Things to Scooby-Doo.
  30. Kristen Bell Will Guest-Star on iZombieZombie meets private eye.
  31. high school tv showdown
    Better Show: My So-Called Life or Veronica Mars?A match-up of female-fronted classics asks if you prefer your high-school show prepared with aspiration, or empathy.
  32. high school tv showdown
    Which Was Better: Wonder Years or Veronica Mars?One was a popular show that’s almost been forgotten. The other was a barely watched show whose fans can’t let it go.
  33. cameos
    4 iZombie–Veronica Mars Crossovers You Might Have MissedDick Casablancas, is that you?
  34. vulture lists
    9 Ways Veronica Mars Was Feminist As HellHey, everyone who dismissed the show as just another teen melodrama — you’re wrong!
  35. vulture lists
    16 Perfect Musical Moments From Veronica MarsTen years later, Neptune still rocks.
  36. chat room
    Ryan Hansen on His Meta Veronica Mars Spinoff“Gosh, I just love being Dick.”
  37. play it again dick
    Veronica Mars Spinoff Web Show Play It Again, Dick Gets a TrailerBack to Neptune. Kind of.
  38. audiobooks
    Hear Kristen Bell Read a Clip From the New Veronica Mars NovelThe Case of the Extended Canon.
  39. movies
    Talking to 4 Fans Who Kickstarted Veronica MarsIncluding someone who spent $2,500 to serve as an extra.
  40. wishlist
    What We Hope Is Next for Veronica MarsMore Weevil, for starters.
  41. streaming strife
    If You’re a Veronica Mars Backer, You Might Be Getting a RefundIf you were affected by the streaming problem.
  42. weekend box office
    Need for Speed Had a Slow Weekend 300: Rise of an Empire and Mr. Peabody and Sherman both beat Aaron Paul’s racing movie at the box office.
  43. cameos
    Here Are All of the Veronica Mars Movie CameosThe original cast you’ll recognize. These ones are the added bonus.
  44. chat room
    Rob Thomas on Veronica Mars, Party Down, and Kevin Hart“I would like it to be certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.”
  45. movie review
    The Veronica Mars Movie Gives the People What They WantWelcome back, Veronica.
  46. chat room
    Veronica Mars’ Jason Dohring on Logan’s Dead GFs“It feels like if I told people all the statistics of my character, they’d probably think it was this daytime soap.”
  47. hey dude
    7 Reasons Why Men Should Give Veronica Mars a ShotBecause it resembles Party Down, Twin Peaks, Buffy, True Detective, and more.
  48. influences
    Veronica Mars Creator Rob Thomas Explains His Cultural InfluencesThe movies, TV shows, books, and musicians that helped to shape the Veronica Mars creator’s work.
  49. trailer park
    Watch the Beginning of the Veronica Mars Movie NowSeriously. The first two minutes. Right here.
  50. influences
    Kristen Bell Explains Her Cultural InfluencesThese are the movies, performers, and cuisines that inspired her.
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