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  1. victory
    How Does Britain’s Mercury Prize Short List Compare to the Grammys’ Album of the Year Nominees?The Mercury Prize short list was announced this morning.
  2. victory
    Blogger Averts Comic-Con CatastropheTwilight’-loving virgins and ‘Avatar’-loving virgins will not be required to intermix.
  3. victory
    Lou Diamond Phillips Is the King of the JungleThe ‘La Bamba’ star won ‘I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.’
  4. victory
    Download Away! Time Warner Shelves Plans for Metered-Bandwidth Pricing“We have heard from a vocal minority of our customers and have determined that we need to spend more time educating everyone on this new model.”
  5. michael jackson
    Victory: Michael Jackson to Keep His Hilarious CrapJust when it looked like Michael Jackson would have to part with his diamond-encrusted socks and wax statues of himself, a deal has been struck allowing him to keep it all.
  6. victory
    Jimmy Fallon Hits Ratings Round-TripperLooks like we won’t be able to use the Impending Disasters tag with this show anymore.
  7. victory
    New Weird Al Single Finally AvailableAnd it’s awesome!
  8. victory
    ‘Hari Puttar’ Fans, Rejoice!A Dehli judge has ruled that only an idiot would confuse ‘Hari Puttar’ with ‘Harry Potter.’