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  1. the law
    Vin Diesel’s Former Assistant Accuses Him of Sexual Battery in New LawsuitAsta Jonasson says the actor assaulted her during production of Fast Five. Diesel denies the claim.
  2. vulture quiz
    Which Movie Am I Talking About, the New Mission: Impossible or Fast X?Cliffhanger endings. Chase scenes on the Spanish Steps. Tech thingies everyone’s fighting over. Are these the same movie? Take our quiz to find out!
  3. fan casting
    Which Ex-DCEU Star Should Join the Fast Family Next?Which other actors could follow in Gal Gadot’s, The Rock’s, and Jason Momoa’s speeding skid marks and vroom vroom to the barbecue?
  4. family
    Stepping in to Finish Directing Fast X Wasn’t Stressful at All, No SirLouis Leterrier recalls going pale when asked to take over for Justin Lin, afraid of becoming the “guy who destroyed the Fast and Furious franchise.”
  5. vulture lists
    Every Car Chase From the Fast & Furious Franchise, RankedPhysics are the greatest artistic liberty in the Fast & Furious franchise.
  6. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Cliffhanger Ending of Fast XHow will our heroes get out of this scrape?!
  7. vulture lists
    Every Fast & Furious Movie, RankedThere have been 11 ultra-jacked films, but only one perfectly captures this franchise’s soul.
  8. explainer
    Fast X’s Candy-ass Mid-Credits Scene, ExplainedThere’s more going on here than in your average post-film teaser.
  9. coronas out
    Every Single Time the Word Family is Uttered in Fast XHint: It’s more than X — or ten — times.
  10. movie review
    Fast X Feels Like a Head InjuryI didn’t hate it!
  11. fast xxx
    Vin Diesel Threatens Us with a Fast X TrilogyHe said the studio asked him if he could extend the franchise to twelve movies.
  12. spoilers
    The Emotional Significance of One Parting Line in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3A loving farewell from an unexpected source, told with some fun sleight of hand by director James Gunn.
  13. trailer mix
    Fast X Trailer: 4 Minutes of FamilyPlus a second trailer just dropped.
  14. trailer mix
    The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Trailer Gets You Ready to Say Good-byeDirector James Gunn got the gang back together for one last movie.
  15. coming soon
    Brie Larson Is Joining the Fast 10 FamilyVin Diesel broke the news on Instagram.
  16. family feud
    Uncle Dwayne Isn’t Coming Home to Fast 10“Vin’s recent public post was an example of his manipulation.”
  17. familia
    Vin Diesel Reveals Daughter Was Meadow Walker’s Maid of Honor in Tribute“Look at this photo Pablo, it will make you smile.”
  18. felliniesque
    Vin Diesel Asks ‘Little Brother’ Dwayne Johnson to Return for Fast 10“My little brother Dwayne… the time has come.”
  19. familia
    Vin Diesel Walked Paul Walker’s Daughter Down the AisleNothing stronger than family.
  20. familia
    Fast and Furious 10 Cruises to April 2023 Release DateJustin Lin will direct the penultimate film.
  21. it’s all relative
    F9 Makes Dom Toretto Canonically TallThanks to the power of flashback casting!
  22. hollywood thanks you vin diesel
    F9 Supercharged the Box Office With a $70 Million Opening WeekendKind of makes those remarks about ending the franchise after F11 seem worth revisiting, huh, Vin Diesel?
  23. musicals
    Pop Sensation Vin Diesel Wants to Do a Fast & Furious Musical“I’m dying to do a musical!”
  24. cars go smash
    A Desperate Attempt to Make Sense of Life, Death, and the Fast FamilyNotes on F9, and incest, from someone who hasn’t seen any of the other movies.
  25. the fast and the furious
    F9’s Space Scenes Began as a Joke. Then NASA Got Involved.Can a Pontiac Fiero survive in the stratosphere? Don’t worry, director Justin Lin checked.
  26. movie review
    F9 Brings an Improbably Good Gearhead Daddy-Issues Opera HomeCinéma, it lives.
  27. cardi be acting
    Cardi B Is Coming Back for F10Only dimes in F10.
  28. very good q&a
    Vin Diesel Is Killing the Fast Films, But Maybe Not Dom Toretto“I will say that there is nothing that is off the table.”
  29. casting
    Vin Diesel Is Doing a Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots Movie and We Have a Casting IdeaWhat about Dwayne “The Red Rocker” Johnson?
  30. trailer mix
    We Hope Their Family Sprung for Car Insurance in the F9 TrailerBut does it cover … space?
  31. vroom vroom
    Vin Diesel’s Son Will Play Young Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 9It’s about family.
  32. movies
    Fast & Furious Franchise to Drive Into the Sunset After Two More FilmsJustin Lin will likely direct.
  33. my single is dropping
    Groove Awkwardly in Place to Vin Diesel’s New Song“Feel Like I Do” premiered on The Kelly Clarkson Show to a virtual audience of massive floating heads dancing awkwardly in no space.
  34. the replacements
    Wanted to See F9 This Weekend? Try These 5 Movies Instead.Death Proof, the original The Italian Job, and more.
  35. movie review
    Seriously, Why Is Vin Diesel a Star?In his latest movie Bloodshot, Diesel is like an unfinished statue, hulking and aggressively bland.
  36. casting
    Cardi B Will Bless Our Screens in Fast and Furious 9Skrrt!
  37. large adult sons
    Fast and Furious Confirms Painstaking Efforts to Make Sure No One Loses a FightNo candy-asses allowed.
  38. casting
    Mirren and Theron to Return for Fast & Furious 9; Maybe the Dame Will DriveBuckle up.
  39. fast for life
    Female-Led Fast and Furious Spinoff Now Has Writers, and It Better Star LettyLet Michelle Rodriguez shine.
  40. last night on late night
    Who Knew Hillary Clinton Had Deep Feelings About Vin Diesel and the Rock’s Feud?They’re both “masters of high-octane action.” But one is better.
  41. party chat
    We Quizzed Helen Mirren on Her Most Famous Lines — and She Only Missed One“My brain’s like a sieve, I probably won’t remember any of them!”
  42. feuds
    The Rock Is ‘Not Quite Sure’ If He’ll Participate in Next Fast and Furious MovieThe Diesel-Rock feud continues…
  43. Vin Diesel Announces Fast and Furious Live Tour, So Be Sure to Take Your FamilyYou live life a quarter mile at a time, but you’re going to have to drive all the way to your local arena, and let us know how they pull this off.
  44. This Is All You Need to See to Understand Vin Diesel’s Music Career▶️ “When the Fast & Furious megastar played the track … it brought Diesel to tears.”
  45. kissing
    Vin Diesel Keeps Insisting His Fast 8 Kiss With Charlize Theron Was GoodVin does not like being compared to a dead fish.
  46. fight scenes
    No One Ever Loses a Fight in the Fast and the Furious FranchiseWhen the Furious A-listers face off, things have a way of ending in a tie.
  47. backstories
    Everything We’ve Learned About Dom Toretto in 8 Fast and Furious MoviesA primer on that human wrecking ball with a code.
  48. vin diesel forever
    Steve Aoki Says the Song He Made With Vin Diesel Will ‘Blow People’s Minds’Vin sort-of-jokingly predicts he’ll get a Grammy before he gets an Oscar.
  49. infinite franchises
    6 Very Reasonable Ways The Fast and the Furious Could Go to SpaceWhen you get too fast and too furious for Earth.
  50. where’s the beef?
    Vin Diesel Shrugs Off Dwayne Johnson Feud: ‘It’s Not Always Easy Being an Alpha’Bro, we get it.
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