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  1. superlatives
    Jack White on the Most Stubborn and Prophetic Music of His Career“I’m always starting from scratch. And wow, I’m here again.”
  2. advent calendar
    One More Sleep ’Til (The Muppet) Christmas (Carol Vinyl)Make room in your heart (and record player).
  3. the industry
    Did Adele’s 30 Cause This Year’s Major Vinyl Delays?The star reportedly pressed over 500,000 copies of her upcoming album.
  4. failed experiments
    Martin Scorsese Still Can’t Get Over Vinyl’s ‘Tragic’ FailureMarty baby, it’s okay!
  5. royal wedding
    Hipsters Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Release Wedding Ceremony on VinylAnd streaming!
  6. An Appreciation of the Button-Down Mind of Bob NewhartQuick Warning: This article spoils a minor plot point from the first episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Reading this won’t ruin your […]
  7. Comedy Central to Release ‘Mitch Hedberg: The Complete Vinyl Collection’ […]Mitch Hedberg’s entire discography is getting a special vinyl release this fall. Comedy Central announced today that the limited edition box […]
  8. cool cat jazz
    Check Out the Damn Fine New Vinyl for the Twin Peaks SoundtrackCherry pie not included.
  9. cancellations are hard
    Bobby Cannavale Is Sad About Vinyl CancellationPoor guy.
  10. cancellations
    HBO Cancels Vinyl After One SeasonRecord scratch.
  11. missed opportunities
    Here’s What Kanye’s Yeezus Vinyl Would’ve Looked LikeVery minimalist. Very chic.
  12. overnights
    Vinyl Season Finale Recap: The Closing NumberVinyl goes out the way it came in: barely acknowledging its female characters.
  13. Chris Cornell Sings His Face Off Covering ‘Stay With Me Baby’ for VinylAhead of the show’s finale.
  14. the industry
    What HBO’s Vinyl Shake-up Tells Us About the Network’s Drama ProblemHBO finds itself in the middle of a years-long creative recession when it comes to dramas.
  15. overnights
    Vinyl Recap: The Deal of the ArtIt’s pretty satisfying to see Zak finally beat the crap out of Richie.
  16. vinyl
    Vinyl Showrunner Terence Winter LeavesGoodbye, Terry Tuesday.
  17. overnights
    Vinyl Recap: ProgressionsIt’s finally getting easy to separate good Vinyl from bad.
  18. overnights
    Vinyl Recap: Viva Lost WagesAs Richie learns while pitching Elvis, it’s hard to be a king without being a rich man.
  19. overnights
    Vinyl Recap: Rock and Roll SuicideIn “Cyclone,” Richie runs the gamut of tired antihero clichés.
  20. the industry
    O. Wilde: I Was Too Old for Wolf of Wall StreetShe discussed auditioning for Martin Scorsese on the Howard Stern Show.
  21. overnights
    Vinyl Recap: The Dark SideEven by the shoddy standards of prestige cable, Vinyl has a problem with women.
  22. covers
    Iggy Pop, Casablancas Cover Songs for VinylThe soundtrack might just be the best part of this show.
  23. Vinyl Recap: The Remainder BinLet’s take a moment to recognize how funny this show is.
  24. overnights
    Vinyl Recap: Billion-Dollar BabiesWhen Alice Cooper shows up, he gets an entire subplot. Them’s the rules.
  25. overnights
    Vinyl Recap: The Dotted LineUntil this episode pivots away from Richie Finestra, it’s pretty lousy.
  26. vinyl reality check
    Vinyl Reality Check: Watch 5 Real Andy Warhol Screen TestsAt the Factory, Devon spends a few minutes before the camera.
  27. the industry
    HBO Renews Vinyl for a Second SeasonVinyl is really in right now.
  28. tv ratings
    Ratings: HBO’s Vinyl Is Not Exactly Storming the Nielsen ChartsA mere 764,000 viewers tuned in for the premiere.
  29. the vulture tv podcast
    Vinyl, Horace and Pete, and What Makes a Compelling StoryDo these shows have the narratives to back up their appealing surface qualities?
  30. vulture lists
    The World of Vinyl: 20 Albums That Defined 1973What a year for music.
  31. overnights
    Vinyl Series Premiere Recap: The Opening ActHBO’s latest prestige drama welcomes us to New York, circa 1973.
  32. vulture lists
    A History of Martin Scorsese’s Love Affair With the Rolling Stones“My films would be unthinkable without them.”
  33. on repeat
    Revisiting Boardwalk Empire, the Most Underappreciated Drama of Its TimeWe’re up all night to praise Nucky.
  34. tv review
    Martin Scorsese’s Vinyl Is the Year’s First Must-See ShowSelfishness, appetite, sex, drugs, lies, guilt, sin, punishment: All the Scorsese touchstones are represented here.
  35. last night on late night
    Bobby Cannavale Does a Good Scorsese VoiceIt’s a little Larry David.
  36. party chat
    Ray Romano’s Nude Scene Was Stressful and FunSo much for Everybody Loves Raymond.
  37. soundtracks
    The Vinyl Soundtrack Features a Murderer’s Row of Rock ArtistsThe Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger–produced series will have some kick-ass tunes, and lots of cocaine.
  38. last night on late night
    Ray Romano Had to Shoot Sex Scenes for VinylThere’s a difference between sitcom sex and HBO sex.
  39. tca 2016
    Bobby Cannavale on Playing Desperate Characters“Richie is hanging off the edge of a cliff with one hand.”
  40. throwback wednesday
    Columbia House Relaunches With Vinyl; How Many Records for This Penny?Here come the hits!
  41. mr. misunderstood
    Eric Church, Mr. Misunderstood of Country-RockEric Church fuses rock and country quite well yet again on his new album, but it goes deeper than the sound.
  42. teaser trailers
    Watch the New Trailer for Scorsese’s VinylBobby Cannavale stars.
  43. everything we know
    Everything We Know About Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and HBO’s VinylLots of drugs, definitely some mob bosses (it’s Scorsese and Terence Winter, after all).
  44. premiere dates
    When Is Girls Coming Back?Which return date of Girls are you?
  45. the sound of money
    Why the Vinyl Boom Is Actually a DroughtWith vinyl sales at the highest in decades, skeptics say there’s nowhere to go but down. Maybe then pressing plants will actually be able to meet demand.
  46. the industry
    Rock Series From Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger Finally Gets Its NamePlus, HBO had some good news about David Chase and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  47. Remembering Phil Austin and the Firesign TheatreTo get your own comedy seen in today’s media landscape, all you have to do is put it online and make sure it’s really good. It wasn’t so easy […]
  48. Nicolas Winding Refn on the Joys of Vinyl and the Transcendent Keanu ReevesHe loved John Wick, too.
  49. A Guide to the Hard-to-Find Comedy Albums of Albert BrooksA few years ago in From the Archives, we did a deep dive and examined Albert Brooks’s early short films, and reminded ourselves at how creative […]
  50. the hipster influence
    Urban Outfitters Now Sells the Most Vinyl Records“The people buying vinyl … are those who grew up with the ability to download music or stream it on Pandora and Spotify.”
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