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Viral Hits

  1. switched on pop
    So Your Song Went Viral on TikTok. What’s Next?While stars see the platform as a chore, it’s a lifeline for new acts.
  2. in my boo’s coupe riding
    An Interview With Ton Do-Nguyen, Creator of the Iconic ‘Countdown’ Snuggie VideoTon Do-Nguyen reveals how he pulled off the iconic 2012 Beyoncé homage that the queen herself called “brilliant.”
  3. internet studies
    In the Messy Land of Internet Video, the Editor Is KingOnline-video editing announces itself—the seams are the whole point.
  4. extremely online
    It’s Time to Talk About the ‘Twerkulator’ TikTok DanceAn unreleased City Girls track is going viral, but they can’t get the song cleared.