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  1. cartoons
    Voltron: Legendary Defender Had a Gay Character All AlongThe creators of the Netflix show explain why Shiro’s sexuality is not a “big reveal.”
  2. Rhys Darby Crash Lands Back in America It would be difficult for New Zealand actor Rhys Darby to shake free of his character Murray Hewitt, the earnest and lovably hopeless manager […]
  3. trailer mix
    Watch Netflix’s New Voltron TrailerForm Blazing Sword ASAP, please.
  4. exclusive
    A Bidding War Breaks Out to Finally Make a Big-Budget VoltronOne step closer to seeing robot lions!
  5. voltron
    Willow Smith Is Touring With Justin BieberIt was probably inevitable, and now it’s official.
  6. reboots
    Voltron Reforms for Kids, Not Adults Pretending to Be ThemIn a nice change of pace.
  7. the industry
    Mark Wahlberg Inspired by IcelandPlus: ‘Fantasy Island’ gets real.
  8. the industry
    Brett Ratner Wants to Make a Guitar Hero MoviePlus: They’ve found the perfect director for ‘Voltron’! It’s some dude who directed ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’!
  9. the industry
    Simon Pegg No Longer a ‘Bastard,’ But Will Go on a Road TripPlus: Neil Schweiber goes to war in Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’!
  10. the industry
    Let’s Go, Voltron Force!Plus industry news on Thor, Anne Hathaway, and Chris Farley.