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Vulture Festival 2022

  1. into it
    ‘Auntie Will Never Retire’Sheryl Lee Ralph has big plans for her post-Emmys career, so long as the younger generations keep hiring her.
  2. the vulture transcript
    Gangs of London Won’t Hold Anything BackThe cast and creatives behind AMC+’s brutal action series discuss their choreography of chaos.
  3. vulture festival 2022
    Matt Rogers Only Made a Holiday Special for the Money“Like any other pop star that’s doing this, the reason I have a Christmas show is so that I can be seasonally ubiquitous, boo.”
  4. snow jams
    Here It Is: The Much-Discussed Video of Meghann Fahy Singing ‘O Holy Night’It’s the performance that made the “Matt Rogers and Friends Holiday Spectacular Sing-A-Long Extravaganza” extra spectacular.
  5. vulture festival 2022
    Of Course We Asked The Proud Family About Beyoncé’s Halloween CostumeImagine talking to Jo Marie Payton and not immediately bringing it up?
  6. vulture festival 2022
    Zachary Knighton Finally Got the Happy Ending That Happy Endings Didn’tMagnum P.I. restored his faith that shows can in fact be saved!
  7. vulture festival 2022
    StraightioLab Finally Explains to Us What a Podcast Even IsComedians Sam Taggart and George Civeris generously educated us on the audio format.
  8. the vulture transcript
    Natasha Lyonne and Abbi Jacobson Are Ready to Burn Down TVThe showrunners and friends discuss saying no to mainstream, formulaic comedy onscreen.
  9. the vulture transcript
    Rian Johnson Breaks Open the Benoit Blanc Cinematic UniverseThe director explains how Glass Onion sets the tone for the Knives Out mysteries to come.
  10. the vulture transcript
    Welcome to Chippendales Is More Than Tearaway Pants and Butt CheeksKumail Nanjiani, Annaleigh Ashford, and EPs Rob Siegel and Jenni Konner unpack the scandals at the heart of the Hulu miniseries.
  11. the vulture transcript
    ‘I Owe My Entire Life to Laurie Strode’Jamie Lee Curtis traces her every success — from Trading Places to Freaky Friday to Knives Out — straight back to Halloween.
  12. vulture festival 2022
    Lee Pace Gives Us a Crash Course in Home BuildingOur toxic trait is thinking we could help Lee Pace build a home from scratch.
  13. vulture festival 2022
    Jamie Lee Curtis Is Ready to Debate Ted Cruz Like a Civilized PersonWe still live in a society of laws!
  14. vulture festival 2022
    Gangs of London Taught Us About Tea and Grieving Fictional CharactersIt’s the totality of necessary human knowledge.
  15. the essay
    Lee Pace Stays Just Out of ReachThe recipient of this year’s very official Vulture Honorary Degree is a master at making us want more of him.
  16. the interview
    The Lee Pace MethodWhether he’s playing a bashful pie-maker or the emperor of a galaxy, Pace says he always leaves a bit of himself onscreen.
  17. vulture festival 2022
    The White Lotus’s Meghann Fahy Does Not Teach Us Any ItalianIt was rude of us to expect her to, honestly.
  18. vulture festival 2022
    Broken Lizard’s Steve Lemme Got Slapped for Making BeerfestSomebody come get your mom!
  19. vulture festival 2022
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch’s Legacy Surprises Even Its Own Creators“We were able to sell the movie because we created the illusion that we were a hit.”
  20. vulture festival 2022
    Bernie Sanders Would Make a Great Drag QueenBob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka O’Hara have us convinced.
  21. vulture festival 2022
    The Faces of Vulture Festival 2022Jamie Lee Curtis, Kumail Nanjiani, the Super Troopers, and many others paid a visit to our photo studio.
  22. vulture festival 2022
    For All Mankind’s Krys Marshall and Lev Gorn Explain Aliens to UsThey even referenced Einstein!
  23. the vulture transcript
    Going West with the Cast of Tulsa KingThe Paramount+ series showrunner and stars break down the mechanics of dropping a mobster in the middle of Oklahoma.
  24. good one podcast
    Don’t You Dare Call Kumail Nanjiani a Former ComedianThere was a moment earlier when you said, “You were a comedian,” and that hurt my feelings. I was like, This motherfucker over here.
  25. vulture festival 2022
    Tulsa King Convinces Us to Go to OklahomaWhy didn’t anyone tell us about the Pigeon Museum?
  26. vulture festival 2022
    Dana Delany Did Horse Therapy With Chloe Webb to Prep for Tulsa KingAnd yes, there were tears involved.
  27. vulture festival 2022
    Vulture Got For All Mankind’s Danielle and Grigory to Kiss, You’re WelcomeKrys Marshall and Lev Gorn’s chemistry is not acting.
  28. vulture festival 2022
    Natasha Lyonne, Director-at-Large, Is ‘Addicted’ to Zooming In“If I just had Nick Nolte and a zoom gun and a weird room, that would be my personal heaven.”
  29. vulture festival 2022
    The Many, Many Highlights of Vulture Festival 2022It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
  30. vulture festival 2022
    Former Cats Cat Lena Hall ‘Loved Being in It, But I Wouldn’t Go and See It’The movie, she says, was “very unfortunate.”
  31. vulture festival 2022
    The White Lotus’s Meghann Fahy Knows Daphne Is No VictimThe series’ “Zen mommy” unpacks the marital mind games being played in this week’s episode.
  32. vulture festival 2022
    Are You Scared of the Blonde Villain Joining Gangs of London Season Two?You should be.
  33. vulture festival 2022
    Lee Pace’s Time in The Hobbit Made Him Believe in ElvesHe has proof that elves stole his phone.
  34. vulture festival 2022
    Where Are the Happy Endings Characters in 2022?And where were they on January 6?
  35. vulture festival 2022
    An On-Set Doc Had to Help a Grey’s Anatomy ResidentFake doctors get appendicitis, too.
  36. vulture fest 2022
    Should The Proud Family Reboot Have a Ye Episode?What about a Proud Family musical?
  37. vulture festival 2022
    David Duchovny Doesn’t Know He’s Too Famous for the MTAFor All Mankind’s Lev Gorn says that taking the train with Duchovny is quite the experience.
  38. vulture festival 2022
    Kumail Nanjiani Says There Won’t Be a The Big Sick 2: The Bigger Sick“Our lives became boring after that.”
  39. vulture festival 2022
    Kumail Nanjiani Has a Male-Stripping Fallback PlanIt involves baguettes (suggestive).
  40. vulture festival 2022
    Does Daniel Craig Take Off His Shirt in Glass Onion?Agatha Christie stan Rian Johnson is keeping the answer a mystery.
  41. vulture festival 2022
    Abbott Elementary’s Sheryl Lee Ralph Wants to Host the EmmysThe Emmy-winning actress is ready to take over hosting duties.
  42. vulture festival 2022
    Super Troopers Helped Kevin Heffernan End His Feud With Jim Gaffigan“This guy is my nemesis.”
  43. vulture festival 2022
    Jamie Lee Curtis on Her Freaky Friday Guitar Solo: ‘I Slayed’Even with only one week to prepare for the role.
  44. vulture festival 2022
    Natasha Lyonne Will Talk to Her Friend Abbi Jacobson at Vulture FestivalShe joins Rian Johnson, For All Mankind, Gangs of London, Kali Uchis, and StraightioLab this very weekend, folks!
  45. vulture festival 2022
    It’s So True: Lee Pace Is Coming to Vulture FestivalHe’ll join Kali Uchis, The Proud Family, and Grey’s Anatomy for the best weekend ever.
  46. vulture festival 2022
    Gangs of London Is Headed to Los AngelesFor Vulture Festival, of course.
  47. vulture festival 2022
    Halloween and Hedwig: Vulture Festival Adds Even More EventsJamie Lee Curtis?? Kumail Nanjiani??? For All Mankind?? THE WHITE LOTUS????
  48. vulture festival 2022
    See Vulture Festival’s First Lineup Right MeowAll Creatures Great and Small joins We’re Here, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Henry Winkler, and Super Troopers for an old-fashioned L.A. pool party.
  49. vulture festival 2022
    Vulture Festival Is HappeningPrepare your body and soul.